Buffet: Seasonal Taste @ The Westin Hotel

After my staycation at Westin and trying every restaurant possible in this hotel (Dinner at Cook & Brew and High-Tea at Lobby Lounge), I was left with its buffet dinner to conquer. I loved how the restaurant overlooks the Marina Bay port from the 32nd floor.

Tables by the window have the best view – all without the afternoon sun!

I was extremely disappointed that I couldn’t find any fresh sashimi from the buffet line. A few pieces of salmon were stuck onto rice balls and they were called sushi.

Pork Rillette that won me over. It was very fragrant and fresh – best eaten with bread.

The other appetisers were rather tasty – Salami w Watermelon, Marinated Prawns & Lobster Salad w Jackfruit. Extremely refreshing to the palette, these appetisers were carefully thought over. The first appetiser to be wiped out was unsurprisingly the Lobster Salad. Somehow, the refilling the empty dish was conveniently forgotten. Towards the end of my meal, it was finally replaced. Well too literally, as the lobster chunks were replaced by prawns.

Behind-the-scenes of the Cold Seafood area… ‘cos the display shelf was almost emptied out of seafood. I actually had to ask the chefs if they still have lobsters before they took them out from the fridge. C’mon.

Nonetheless, I still had my fill of fresh seafood! The lobsters were undeniably good. Oysters, though freshly shucked, were still a little fishy for me.

As for the other hot food, an international selection was offered. The Naan was good!

Roast Beef – The beef was excellent! Seared just on the surface, the meat within was medium and still tender. The accompanying apple sauce was delicious too. I had 2 servings of this ‘cos I couldn’t get enough of it!

Fried Thai Basil Chicken – Another addictive protein, this was crispy without being overly oily. It was a clear winner when drenched with its Thai-inspired gravy.

Thai Roast Pork Neck – Another one of my favourites, the pork was tender and had a nice smokey flavour to it.

Cold Cut Bar.

Cheese Counter.

Bread Corner.

Finally, it was on to desserts after many rounds of the selected few dishes. The choices were aplenty and I started with their mini Nonya Kuehs. Some good stuff there.

Lemon Meringue Tart – I rarely stomach an entire tart/cake at buffets but this was very well-done! The tart base was buttery and crumbly. The combination of lemon curd and meringue was not overdosed with sugar – one factor that I greatly appreciated.

A rather miserable-looking fondue.

Fruit Mix Jelly – The fresh, juicy fruits played a huge role in making this a hearty dessert.

Dark Chocolate Pudding – Dark, rich and intense. This had my nod of approval.

Homemade Ice Cream!

Avocado & Tiramisu Ice Cream – Smooth and rich, like any Italian gelatos. There are several cookie jars at the dessert counter and do pick up a cookie that you may fancy ‘cos they were really good!

Fresh fruits for those seeking healthier living.

I’m torn as to whether I’ll be back to Seasonal Taste. There is certainly much room for improvement in terms of quality and range. The selection of food was limited compared to Edge, and it was ironic that the desserts were more outstanding than their mains.

Dinner is priced at $55++ per person.

Seasonal Taste

Level 32, The Westin Hotel Singapore
Asia Square Tower 2, 12 Marina Square View
Tel: 6922 6968


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