Coast & Company @ Siglap Drive

It’s heartening to see more and more cafés popping up in the East area, where I stay at. Coast & Cycles is definitely one of the most prominent addition to the Siglap area, with the well-known Papa Palheta as its core stakeholder. Beside its functionality as a coffeehouse, Coast & Cycles is a modern bicycle workshop on the first floor cum gallery on the second. You won’t see old uncles in singlets and shorts here; instead, the new generation of bike fanatics are taking over this business with a whole new level of interpretation.

Clean monotone lines against warm wood and metal racks become the central focus at the back of the café, near the workshop.

Some merchandise available for purchase.

I was seated right in front of the workshop where glass panels separated the air-conditioned from the fan-conditioned. Fixing bicycles has never been sexier than this.

A pretty typical interior that Papa Palheta seems to fancy – well, it does work.

Are those coffee bean names?

The tools of a good coffeehouse.

The pastries and cakes that looked really enticing.

The menu – a total of 6 mains, these were designed by Wild Rocket Chef Willin Low, a master in marrying local flavours to the usual classic dishes.

Coast Breakfast [Mesclun salad, pork sausage, white toast, Chinese chives scrambles eggs] ($12) – Honestly, the Chinese chives didn’t add any mind-blowing form of ‘local flavour’ that I would expect of Chef Low. You can see this dish as a stomach-filler, otherwise, it’s another run-of-the-mill breakfast main that you can easily replicate at home.

Sour Cream Cheese Toast [Brioche toast, cream cheese, honey comb crumble, honey] ($8) – This though, was simply orgasmic. The brioche was so soft that it sunk in immediately when I lay my knife down on it. The thick, generous slab of cream cheese atop was creamy and smooth – covering every inch of the bread. Together with the sweet honey, it was the most perfect combination I could ever imagine. It even tasted like my favourite Greek yoghurt with honey, with bread. The honeycomb crumble added a sweet crunch to some bites too. A genius combination that I’ll come back for. Waffles and french toasts, time to step aside.

Latte ($5)

Watermelon Juice ($5) – Instant cooler on a hot day.

Iced Cocoa ($6) – This tasted more milky than chocolatey. What’s your preference?

Hop over to my café pal, Dejiki’s take on Coast & Cycles and view his wonderful photos!

Coast & Cycles is definitely a place I’ll return to, with its unpretentious vibe I feel so at home at and the only place I can find my new favourite – Sour Cream Cheese Toast.


Coast & Cycles
54 Siglap Drive
Singapore 456176
Tel: 6448 7608
*Closed on Mondays


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