Anthesis Bakery & Café @ Robertson Quay

One thing about the River Valley/Robertson Quay area is its extensive choice of cafés for the brunch-goers. The other thing about it is the endless streams of brunch-getters – that is, unless you check in at 8am (correct me if I’m wrong). Anthesis is a rather new addition, located just a door away from the renowned café, Toby’s Estate. Just when you thought nothing could beat those hearty breakfast plates at Toby’s, here’s a strong contender for you.

A mixture of rustic and industrial feel.

Water served with laser-branded tin mugs!

Fisherman’s Tomato Soup [Homemade tomato soup w fresh blue mussels, sea prawns & fish chunk] ($9) – The meal started off on a low note as the soup was rather underwhelming. The portion was small for its price and the soup tasted diluted, despite its promising vibrant red colour. Granted, the seafood was fresh and the tablespoon of pesto sauce topping added an unusual twist. Not one that motivates me to order again.

Anthesis Eggs Three-Ways [Egg frittata, scrambled eggs w smoked salmon, poached eggs w bacon w chorizo & mixed greens] ($16) – You can have the best of the egg world – be it scrambled, pan-fried or poached here. Just a side-track, Anthesis has a bakery corner within the café where the freshest artisan breads are for sale. Needless to say, the bread found in their brunch dishes are amazing – in fact insanely delicious. The mini brioche buns were extremely fragrant and buttery – little pockets of happiness that house the colour of sunshine (yes, referring those nicely-done eggs). Great brunch dish that leaves you with that little space for some desserts!

Banana Split Brioche French Toast Stack [Caramelised banana & maple syrup w mascarpone cheese & berries] ($16) – A heart-stopping french toast starts from having a good bread to work with. Obviously, the first criteria has been met. The mascarpone cheese complemented the toasts so seamlessly, for a moment, I stopped remembering how many extra calories I was gaining from this dish alone. The banana were caramelised perfectly too – not by the sauce but coated with burnt sugar. Definitely one of the more memorable french toasts!

Specialty Teas ($9 each) – Nothing that screams “I’m worth $9”.

I love Anthesis for their wonderful-tasting bread! Just order anything that has bread on the side and you won’t go wrong!


Anthesis Bakery & Café
86 Robertson Quay, #01-01
Tel: 6737 9873
*Closed on Mondays


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