Wang Daebak Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Amoy Street

When my ex-boss said that she had found the best Korean BBQ place in Singapore – Wang Daebak, I knew I had to try. By coincidence (or not), Daebak also means awesome in Korean. I suppose there’s some truth in that! I visited the outlet at Amoy (the other one at China Square Central) and boy, I felt like I was back in Korea again! The authentic tables, stools and overhead smoke vents made the entire dining experience more wholesome.

Free-flow banchan!

The unique part of having a BBQ meal at Daebak is that you can have egg omelette together with your meat – definitely a first for me and I don’t even see this in Korea in fact! At the start of the meal, the staff will pour the egg mix into the pan and the end result is a really fluffy, fragrant and gorgeous grilled egg omelette!

It is mandatory for each table to order at least 2 servings of meat.
Pork Shoulder Butt ($18) – The best cut for pork! After grilling it, the slices become really tender and springy, not single bit was tough at all. Best of all – it’s cut into bite size already!
Boneless Prime Rib ($28) – Just look at the marbling on the beef. Indeed a premium cute, at a not-so-premium price. Each slice does not take too long to be cooked and simply melts in your mouth.

Pork Belly ($18) – I prefer the pork shoulder to this. This was tougher (as with all pork belly) though for the same price, this certainly has more quantity.
Marinated Prime Rib ($28) – Again, I’d say that the Boneless Prime Rib was better, though this shines in its own ways too. It was well-marinated and very tender.

Oh glorious meat and egg! Leave the rice cake on the pan and they will turn out crispy on the outside and soft inside. Just like a marshmallow done well on the BBQ pit!

Stir-fried Noodles w Vegetables ($8) – Sadly, this tasted like any other Chinese fried vermicelli. Probably their Ramyeon would have been a better choice.

Spicy Seafood Tofu Soup ($15) – The soup was so addictive that we had to order a second bowl! Packed with lots of shellfish and soft tofu, the soup was flavourful, which came with a satisfying kick. Truly shiok!

Rice Wine ($18) – No Korean BBQ meal is complete without some Makgeolli!

Sweet Rice Punch ($2.80) – For the ones who don’t take alcohol.

Cute cups with handles that we had our drinks from!

Daebak stood out with their affordable and high-quality meats as well as the incredible egg omelette that comes free!

Wang Daebak Korean BBQ Restaurant
98 Amoy Street
Tel: 6226 0450
22 Cross Street, #01-64
Tel: 6225 2646



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