Suju Japanese Restaurant @ Mandarin Gallery

Suju Japanese Restaurant has been around as long as Ippudo opened at Mandarin Gallery, yet it was my first time here only this year. Well, what a gem I have been missing out on all this while! Suju has become my go-to place when I’m in need of authentic Japanese food. The restaurant space is 1.5 times larger than Ippudo, with an open kitchen and counter seatings straddled between two main dining spaces. The decor is contemporary and you’ll find many Japanese ‘sararimen‘ talking business over food and beer here. The menu consists of a huge selection of hot and cold tapas (small dishes), and mains.

Hojicha is served here.

Salmon Sashimi ($22) – Delicious, but I will think twice before ordering this the next time due to its price.

Ika Mentaiko Ae [Fresh squid & special marinated cod roe in spicy delicacy] ($15) – By the description of the dish, we did not expect the squid to be raw. Nonetheless, the squid was thick, firm and fresh – very addictive I would say. Sadly, I’m not a fan of marinated cod roe due to its overloading calories.

Wagyu Misoyaki [Stir-fried miso Japan beef w onions/40g] ($19) – A must-order dish here! The Wagyu had an wonderful robust flavour to it thanks to the well-balanced seasonings and onions. Also, $19 for Wagyu? Very value-for-money I would say!

Pumpkin Tempura ($8) – A perfect tempura dish. The pumpkin slices were coated thinly with the crispy tempura batter and they seriously cannot get any better than this.

Sake Harasu & Cheek Yaki Ikura Zoe [Grilled salmon belly & cheek w salmon roe] ($28) – Rather steep in price for such a small portion.

Oyako Tamagoyashi [Chicken, egg and tofu in iron pan] ($22) – The star of the night. I came back a second time to Suju just for this dish. As I’m typing, I’m starting to crave for it again. To put it simply, the egg in this dish is the epitome of perfection. The gravy used to cook the egg was slightly sweet and the beaten eggs topped the stew of cabbage, onion, mushrooms and chicken. It’s those kind of hearty comfort food that goes extremely well with white rice, and that’s all you need for a good meal in fact.

Ume Chazuke [Japanese rice in soup w Japanese preserved plum] ($10) – A bowl of plain white rice at Suju costs $6 and I can see why. Each grain was fluffy and very fragrant. A top quality rice for sure. For this dish, the soup was very light in taste yet wonderfully flavoured at the same time. Amazingly, the rice did not turn mushy despite being soaked in soup. Sigh, such perfection.

I seldom repeat restaurants but Suju serves up such superb Japanese food that I’ve since been here 3 times in 3 months! See you there!


Suju Japanese Restaurant
#04-05/06/07, Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Tel: 6737 7764


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  1. Food Esteem says:

    Thanks for reviewing this!! Another option in my list 🙂

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