Staycation: Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

I suppose no one needs an introduction to the MBS Hotel since it’s one of the most iconic and prominent infrastructures in Singapore – also being the second Integrated Resort here. I’ve stayed at MBS a couple of times and I have to say that the crowd is just really bad, every single time. My check-in time had never been earlier than 3.30pm. Lifts take really long to arrive since they have to stop by several floors per trip. That said, nothing could beat this million-dollar view. Did I mention that I had a full view of the fireworks up here during Chinese New Year? 😛

A whole space dedicated to the living area! This was a room at Tower 3, by far the largest rooms I’ve stayed at MBS!

The room was huge – great for throwing parties I would say!

King sized bed.

Unfortunately, the bathroom in this room did not come with a bathtub.

The huge shower compensated for the lack of bathtub though.

The toiletries had a nice scent to them though I wouldn’t say that the amenities were complete, missing shower cap and shaver.

The bedroom slippers were thick and plushy!

Never miss out on going to the swimming pool if you’re staying at MBS! Up on the 55th floor, boasting the best view in Singapore, the Infinity Pool is clearly a star attraction. Don’t be surprised to see the pool full of people posing and taking selfies – they are not here to swim! If you’re looking to do some exercise, I’ll recommend you to hit the Banyan Tree Gym instead! Otherwise, head to Banyan Tree Spa for some really superb spa services!

To me, MBS is one-of-a-kind. It’s either you hate it or you love it.


Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956
Reservations Line: +65 6688 8897


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