Les Amis Restaurant @ Shaw Centre


Les Amis turns 20 this year! Before you even step into the restaurant, you should take a good look at the huge Forbes Travel Guide award right at the entrance – an accolade that is high in prestige and a testimony to the quality of the restaurant. If you haven’t heard, Les Amis Restaurant is one of the finest French restaurants in the region… so is the price. However, great news is, head over for their lunch sets that are value-for-money, starting from $45 per person. For this meal, I chose their $60 lunch set.

Classy and simply interior with red velvet accenting the high ceilings and crystal chandelier.

Assorted Bread – The focaccia was excellent – perfect in thickness and absolutely fragrant. The rest of the bread assortment was a delight to go through too! Remember not to waste any bread, especially good ones!

First Course: Pan-fried Scallop Coated w A Light Ginger Sauce – The presentation won me over instantly. The scallop was perfectly cooked – not thoroughly cooked through – resulting in the most tender of scallops, with a slight crusty exterior. The taste of ginger was most subtle, keeping in mind that the shellfish should still hold the limelight. An awesome starter!

Second Course: Camus Artichoke Soup on A Smooth Foie Gras Flan – Weird was the first impression I got out of this soup-pudding dish. As my tastebuds got more used to the acquired taste, I started to appreciate the deep flavours within this complex dish. The way to go about it is to stir the pudding and the soup. The pudding was extremely silky, with a nice foie gras taste to it. Accompanied by the warm and sweet soup, this unexpected combination somehow synced together.

Third Course Option 1: Angel Hair Pasta w Lobster, Crispy Sakura Ebi and a touch of Parmesan – I have tried cooking angel hair pasta and I understand how difficult it is to achieve the al-dente texture, without having the noodles sticking together. Under the skillful handling of the chefs, this dish was topped the leaderboard. Despite what seemed to be a massive amount of sakura ebi, they got so addictive I wiped them clean. What I loved about this pasta dish was the lobster flavour in the angel hair too. Very lovely touch!

Third Course Option 2: Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Beef Steak w Green Asparagus & a light touch of Kyoto White Miso – When they say a light touch, they really meant it as I could barely taste the miso. That said, the Wagyu was really delicious too, with the amount of seasoning just right!

Complimentary: Almond Cake – Strong (Chinese) almond taste – not really to my liking but great texture!

Fourth Course: Amaou Strawberry Salad in Red Wine – This left much to be desired, literally, due to its puny portion. Strong wine flavours in the berry and the sobert made this a masterpiece!

Complimentary: Madeleines with Lemon Curd – The pastry chef at Les Amis is really awesome! The madeleines, fresh out of the oven, were extremely fragrant and fluffy. The lemon curd was not too sweet and added a nice touch to the perfect end.

I will go back to Les Amis in a heartbeat! The dishes were exquisite and truly, truly tasty. I am amazed at their bread and pastries – which not necessarily be the best even in top-notch restaurants but Les Amis just had that competitive advantage.


Les Amis Restaurant
#02-16 Shaw Centre
1 Scotts Road
Tel: 6733 2225


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  1. sgfoodonfoot says:

    The lunch set looks really good and yummy!

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