Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora @ S.E.A Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa


I’ve been looking forward to dine at the Ocean Restaurant for the longest time as I could only imagine how amazing an experience it would be to be dining with the aquatic animals. Since dining here could not be a daily affair, I was here for a birthday celebration for a special person whom I know would greatly appreciate being this close to marine life. We had some difficulty finding it as it was located at a very deep end of the carpark (if you do not enter by S.E.A. Aquarium).

Just to give you some background, Chef Cat Cora is a renowned celebrity chef, and also the first female Iron Chef in Singapore! Well, you can already predict an epic night ahead!

Restaurant has a nautical theme to it.

Remember to get a window seat when you make your reservations!

Bread and butter.

Amuse Bouche: Truffle Puff Pastry – It was rather forgettable.

Tasting of Oysters [Warmed oyster tartare, bean sprout & sago; Chilled ham cream & smoked paprika; Yuzu-soy reduction & purple shiso ice] ($29) – The oysters were extremely fresh – freshly shucked I would believe. The different tastes and textures of the condiments definitely made these shell fish more interesting since we would normally have them with just a dash of lemon. My favourite was the yuzu flavour that produced a tangy-sweet hint. The chilled ham cream was a little too salty for my liking though – since oysters are salty in nature, the flavours should be toned down a little more.

42 Degree Sous Vide Salmon [Salmon mousse, citrus minestrone, ikura & shaved fennel salad] ($32) – The perfect sous vide salmon! I wished this came in one whole slab of salmon as the small morsels left us somewhat unsatisfied. All the elements bound together perfectly and good things should come in heartier portions!

Seared Hokkaido Scallop [Pumpkin bulgar wheat, sea urchin cream, pickled baby fennel, apple slaw & crackling pork skin] ($62) – The scallops were huge, thick and juicy. I enjoyed this main course a lot as there was an array of textures within, completed with nice, subtle flavours – from the sea and land. Hidden under the apple salad was some kind of risotto – carbs is the way to go when portions are puny!

Apart from the ala-carte dishes, we also ordered a set menu that Ocean Restaurant offers. The set is priced at $138 with 4 courses in total.

1st Course: Tartare of Pink Shrimp [Dashi jelly, compressed watermelon, avocada & yuzu-soy reduction] – Another excellent starter! The shrimp was raw and mixed like a salad. The juicy and sweet watermelon complemented the shrimp tartare seamlessly. The only gripe – tiny portion.

2nd Course: Cream of Sunchoke [Buttered crouton, watercress & truffle] – Finally a portion that is not miniscule. The soup was creamy and light at the same time – my focus was directed to the truffle which was served in generous slices! Thumbs up!

3rd Course: Wagyu Beef Onglet (Hanging Tender) [Grilled blood sausage, celeriac puree, sauteed rucola & marrow jus] – I would prefer my mains of scallops anytime over this. Blood sausage, marrow jus and all; these things are a little too exotic for me! I took a bite of the thick wagyu slab and found it a tad too salty again. The boy found it delicious though!

4th Course: Chocolate Passion [Banana stew, 68% cocoa ice cream & passion fruit espuma] – Dessert-gasm. Awesome end to a wonderful night of gastronomy. The ice cream was one of the best I’ve had. It melted so smoothly and glides so easily down the throat. The banana was very tasty too! I mean how bad can bananas get but in the same light, how good can bananas go? Well, you’ve got to try it to know it. Wiped this clean within seconds.

The view of the night – beats being at the rooftop of MBS anytime.

Being at the Ocean Restaurant felt extremely special and easily one of the most memorable nights, largely credited to the magnificent view of the Open Ocean habitat. It’s akin to dining with the fish under the sea… while eating them (sorry, I couldn’t help but). The dishes were exquisite and delicate, though you should not come hungry unless you’re ready to spend!


Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora
22 Sentosa Gateway
Tel: 65778888
Website: http://www.rwsentosa.com/language/en-US/Homepage/Restaurants/OceanRestaurantbyCatCora


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Food Esteem says:

    Agreed that thigs cant be a daily affair for meals! Haha. Went there on a special occasion, which I have always been aiming to dine at! Enjoyed it a lot!

  2. Axel says:

    Was it very noisy?

    1. foodiepink says:

      Nope! The restaurant wasn’t filled when I was there!

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