Danji Café @ Seoul, Korea


This café wasn’t on our to-go list but because we were wandering about the area for the longest time ever, nit-picking at every restaurant/café we walked by, that we got so tired we eventually settled on this cosy, family-run café. The restaurant space was really small – barely accommodating 15 people, so my best friend and I had to dine al-fresco despite the chilly weather.

What made Danji so memorable was the warm hospitality that the middle-aged lady boss kindly extended to us! She quickly brought us 2 cups of hot water, some fluffy fleece blankets and apologized profusely for the lack of tables. We received so much care from the lady boss, it was a heart-warming night.

Crab Pasta (about S$15) – Never would I have imagined the crab pasta to be cooked with an entire crab – which eventually became part of the plating prop. Despite being a little creepy with those beady eyes staring at me, you know that the crabmeat chunks were the real deal. The pasta was very tasty – a combination of tomato and cream sauce which made its consistency slightly thick. Missing this dish now as I’m typing!

Kimchi Rice (about $7) – This dish was a little too oily for my liking and lacking in the spicy kick which I’d have very much preferred. Nonetheless, a real comfort food on a chilly day.

Both dishes came with this mouth-watering egg drop soup! If only my mum could cook this when I was younger.

The food at Danji was very affordable and the entire atmosphere (full of lady patrons) was simple, yet the exemplar of cosiness – definitely worth a try if you’re around the area!


Danji Café
Sangsoodong Mapogu, Seoul 121-829
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Danjisot


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