Wah Lok Chinese Restaurant @ Carlton Hotel

The recent facelift that Carlton Hotel had undergone is indeed a case done right. The lobby is extremely spacious, featuring a beautiful chandelier made out of blown glass – classy. Wah Lok is a Chinese restaurant that is part of Carlton Hotel and it too, was part of the hotel’s revamp.

The entire look and feel of the restaurant were very welcoming, with a blend of modernity and traditional Chinese architectural features. If you look at the wall on the right hand side, you will see many accolades awarded to the restaurant!

As it was my sister’s birthday celebration, we opted for a private room. There is a minimum spending of $1000 in the private rooms. I took a walk around the other parts of the restaurant and the decor was as beautiful too!

Peking Duck – Honestly, I was quite disappointed when I saw those egg crepes. Chinese restaurants of high standards should always serve their peking ducks with homemade flour pancakes – it’s almost a given. The meat itself was tasty, though I wouldn’t say it’s the best one around.

Double-boiled Shark’s Bone Soup with Fish Maw – This was a special order from the kitchen. The broth was extremely tasty and its consistency thick. The chefs must had invested many hours to produce such high quality soups! With the fish maw thick and chewy, this is one dish that is perfect in every way. I would strongly recommend you to try this soup at Wah Lok!

Abalone with Sea Cucumber & Spinach – Need I say more? Every element was done right.

Steamed Live Leopard Coral Trout [Tung Sing Pan] ($16/100g) – We were amazed at how tender the fish was despite looking quite old and tough. The consistency in texture from its core to the surface was a testament of the great skills the chefs in the kitchen possess. I would go so far to say that this was one of the best Cantonese steamed fish I’ve ever had!

Stir-fried Asparagus – Greens are an essential part of every meal and I recently read that asparagus can prevent a hangover – totally unrelated but just a quick tip for you!

Fried Vegetarian Mee Sua – Mee sua is a must during birthday occasions in my family so you can imagine how many plates of mee sua I have already tasted! Thus, it really means a lot (to me) to have found my favourite. The amount of oil and soya sauce was perfect and the mee sua had a spring to them. I think I can have this for breakfast every day.

Wah Lok Chinese Restaurant has definitely exceeded my expectations with its excellent quality and value. Chinese restaurants in other hotels would have cost more with the same offering. Can’t wait to try their dimsum the next time round!


Wah Lok Chinese Restaurant
Level 2, Carlton Hotel
76 Bras Brasah Road
Tel: 6311 8188


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