Arossa Grill @ Scotts Square

When I was still working at Orchard, I made a point to note down valuable set lunches at places which would otherwise cost a few hundreds for dinners. Arossa Grill was one of them. Specialising in grills (obviously), all the grills are imported fresh from Australia. Similar to Salt Grill, the proteins are cooked simply, with few ingredients. For lunch set menus,  they are priced at a reasonable $28 per pax for 3 courses and coffee or tea after.

Calamari (Deep Fried Squid, Spicy Garlic Aioli)  – This was an impressive starter with what I may call the perfect calamari. The crispy batter was light and had the optimum ratio of batter to squid. A testament to its freshness, the squid springy and crunchy. So good!

Caprese (Buffalo Mozzarella w/ Sicilian Tomato & Basil Pesto) – A classic appetiser, this would be a crowd-pleaser – and fantastic in my opinion.

Grill Norwegian King Salmon, Ravigote Sauce – Look at those calculated, perfect sear marks on my salmon! The piece may look tiny but trust me, it was substantial for lunch. Eaten on its own, you can savour the unadulterated taste of salmon fish but I prefer to have it with the side dressing of finely chopped tomatoes, peppers and onions (as seen in the saucer). It feels as though I’ve stepped into Spring.

Arossa Wagyu Hamburg Steak, Gravy Sauce – More than being mildly-flavoured, the hamburg steak had a strong char-grill fragrance, highly desirable for such a dish. The gravy sauce was too salty though.

Tiramisu – I will consider this to be one of the better-performing ones. The tiramisu was so soft and literally melts in your mouth. Great flavours too. A must-order at Arossa!

Gelato 2 Scoops – The ice creams were rather forgettable – definitely not as good as it looked. Can’t believe I switched my order of panna cotta for this.

Arossa Grill offers a large variety for set lunches, with 7 starters, 9 main courses and 4 desserts to choose from. Of course, for certain premium dishes, you’ll have to top up a small amount. Overall, I feel that it’s great value!

Arossa Grill Restaurant
6 Scotts Road
#02-01 Scotts Square
Tel: 66362951


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  1. Food Esteem says:

    Indeed this looks like a classy and expensive meal elsewhere!

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