Peranakan High Tea @ Indocafe, The White House

As I was searching for high tea places to go to in Orchard and came across one that offered Peranakan-style high-tea! My interest was instantly piqued – usually English or local inspired finger food are served for high tea, and this was certainly a first! Indocafe at The White House consists of 2 landed properties, both of which have been preserved since colonial times. The update of monotones resulted in an avant-garde fusion with the tradition. An ideal place for photoshoot if you ask me!

The Peranakan High Tea set is at $34++ per person with choice of coffee or tea.

The high tea was held at the second terrace and the spaciousness of the house/restaurant was rather surprising. Moreover, furnitures were sparsely placed, and we felt like visitors to a home. The decor was aptly coordinated with the colonial theme as well.

Looking like a dining room within a home!

Coffee beans and other Peranakan-inspired merchandises were on sale!

Organic Tea of Bael, Pandan & Lemongrass

Savoury (Non-refillable):
Mini Steamed Penang Otah w Pan-seared Hokkaido Scallop – This was my favourite out of the lot! The scallop was huge and perfectly seared, leaving a spring to each bite. The steamed otah was absolutely fragrant as well. I would have had 10 of these if they were refillable.
Kari Kapitan Tarlet w Idaho Potato Mousse – You know the potato balls you find at nasi padang stalls? This tart tasted exactly like them, except they were more refined and smooth.
Kurobuta Buah Keluak on Crispy Man Tau – I thought this pairing was genius. The contrast in texture was desirable and like all nonya dishes, the flavours were rich.
Foie Gras Mousse Tartlet – The taste of foie gras hits you only after several seconds – a late bloomer this one.
Pastry (Refillable):
Assorted Cake, Cheesecake, Macaron, Dessert in Glass – Sadly, none of them were good enough to have seconds.

Scones (Refillable) – Just decent.

Nonya Kuehs (Non-refillable) – The highlight of the dish, and the limelight too. I was here with 2 other guests and this plate had to be shared among 3 – way too little for such good stuff. Each and everyone of them, barring ang ku keuh which I dislike in the first place, was delicious!! The ondeh ondeh had a liquid brown sugar filling encased within its green glutinous skin and coconut shavings, while the steamed brown sugar sponge had a slice banana hidden at the bottom. Even the white and blue glutinous rice won my heart with its aromatic hei bee centre. My favourite had to be the black glutinous rice, enveloping a chewy pandan kueh

Cultural performance of Balinese dance and gamelan music! Can high teas can better than this?

I’d highly recommend the Peranakan High Tea set at Indocafe simply because it is one of its kind, the price includes entertainment and the keuhs are stellar. Such a gem this one!

Indocafe @ The White House 
35 Scotts Road
Tel: 6733 2656


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  1. Food Esteem says:

    Have always passed by this colonial-like building, but never once ventured in. Thanks for your info 🙂

    1. foodiepink says:

      Glad that it’s useful! 🙂

  2. sgfoodonfoot says:

    I have heard about their high tea after being there for a couple of times for dinner. Really love the place. Hopefully I have the chance to check out it.

    1. foodiepink says:

      Yes, you should definitely check out their high tea too!

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