The Hwawon @ Eight Seconds, Garosu-gil, Seoul [Korea Trip]

The beautiful facade, Holland-inspired, was the reason a second look was given. Its monotone design made the building stand out amidst the monotonous concrete two-storey buildings lined along the famous café street Garosu-gil. Even its name, Eight Seconds, instantly sounded magical (instead of ridiculous). Nestled behind huge potted plants is a café aptly named The Hwawon (or The Garden) – one, with the simplest menu I’ve come across.

A floral shop, moonlighting as a café.

I loved the fact that even when everything was so messy and disorganized, I found peace in it. Look through the transparent tentage in the background and spot the pile of chopped timber logs! Amazing, huh?

People spending the afternoon away – such luxury.

There, a simple menu made in-house. For us, The Hwawon was mainly a pit stop (with free wifi!) before conquering more shops and cafés! Also, because we just had to.

Honey Lemon Tea (5,500 won/$6.50) – Topped with the right amount of shaved rough ice, this was the ultimate thirst quencher! The size of the cup was as big as Starbuck’s Grande, so it was worth every buck!

My love for flowers is as deeply-rooted as my love for cafés. Hence, I could easily spend my day away just soaking up the atmosphere with these pretty little things. If you’re like me, don’t forget to read my favourite flower X café in Seoul: Bloom & Goute Café!


The Hwawon @ Eight Seconds
Garosu-gil, Seoul


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