Museo @ Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove

The people behind Artisteaque really do have a knack for interior decor. Another concept restaurant named Museo, it offers art jamming sessions as well, and aptly located at the picturesque Quayside Isle. The ambience gives off a cool, modern, yet romantic vibe, a vast contrast to its girly, floral counterpart at Mandarin Gallery. I was here to celebrate Valentine’s Day – a night of gourmet feast and artistic expression. The Valentine’s Day package was priced at $288 nett for a couple.

The ‘studio’, set on a raised platform right in the middle of the restaurant, is clearly in the limelight. Better put up a good show for the rest of the onlookers alright!

Open kitchen.

A communal table towards one end of the restaurant. In love with how everything was put together so flawlessly!

DIY Red & White Wine Sangria – Now that I know how easy these can be made!

The extremely addictive Crispy Wanton Skin to keep our hunger satiated. Oh, Museo even gifted a stalk of rose to the girls for this special occasion!

Three Appetizers Platter:
Double-boiled Chicken Consommé – This was definitely incomparable to the traditional Chinese chicken soup as it tasted more like packet chicken stock than having been boiled for the past 5 hours.
Basil Cheese baked King Oyster – The spread was pretty fragrant and baked oysters are always welcomed.
Smoked Duck Breast – Nothing can quite go wrong with this, right?

Entree: Grilled Wagyu Beef Rump & King Prawn in Crispy Kataifi Pastry served w Choron Sauce – The Wagyu beef was cooked optimally and the sauce complemented the beef with the right balance of sweetness. Unfortunately, the prawn was a little overcooked, as the flesh was too tough for my liking. That said, I do love the way it was done – tightly wrapped with the crispy pastry strings, which added a desired crunch to it.

Entree: Grilled Half Lobster & Chicken Roulade served w Fine Bean & Crayfish Thyme Jus – The best dish of the night was a truly amazing one. A perfectly-cooked meaty lobster aside (I mean, it’s a given), the crayfish-infused gravy was insanely delicious! It was a perfect marriage to both the lobster and the chicken (don’t take it out of context please). Needless to say, I wiped it out in no time!

Dessert: Tiramisu w Almond Tuille, Lychee Panna Cotta & Mango Caviar – None of the desserts really stood out for me.

I was actually looking forward to the second half of the night more than the dinner itself! Each stand has a 35CMX35CM canvas, with brand new sets of brushes.

Acrylic paints!

My tools of the night!

Unleashing my creativity!

More canvas stands on the first floor.

My experience at Museo was a memorable one filled with great fun and I can almost be certain that everyone else felt the same way too. Be it couples, friends of family, art jamming is a great way to bond and share laughters over. Some of you must be thinking that the costs of the materials are extremely low but let me just say that the whole ambience that primes the state of your mind is priceless. Be warned though, this can get addictive!

#01-22, Quayside Isle
31 Ocean Way, Sentosa Cove
Tel: 6734 8066


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