Plain Vanilla Café @ Yong Siak Street [Branch No. 2]

I’m definitely not the first one to visit Plain Vanilla’s new café at Yong Siak, since I’ve had their cupcakes on numerous occasions (Plain Vanilla Cupcake Review). Neither did I bother searching and reading reviews of Plain Vanilla, since I knew what I was in for (and well, I could have just referred to my own blogpost in any case). Hence, when I reached the destination, I was in for a good surprise, and I’m afraid I have to spoil it for you with a flood of photos ahead!

Not one, but FIVE tiffany blue Tokyo Bikes with baskets. Oh, my heart.

A huge contrast in floor area as compared to their bakery at Holland Village! Instead of cluttering as many tables and chairs, there is only one communal table, two high tables and a ledge by the wall. It probably may not be the most economical use of space, yet it certainly brought out an attitude. See those ceilings with wooden panels and bare cement walls? That’s attitude. 
Huge bunch of baby breaths marked the centrepiece at the communal table!

A space exclusive to the little ones.

The ledge that I was mentioning earlier – I can certainly lounge here the entire day!

Cook books and cake stands on sale!

For you kitchen gods and goddesses out there, you’ll be happy to find some really unique imported gourmet products, as well as in-house packed goodies. And well, I forced myself to un-see those those mason jars.

Jams fit for royalty.

I was itching to buy them back!

More novelties!

Perfect shortbreads  you can bring home in a mason jar (see background with tiffany blue ribbon)!

Gorgeous, gorgeous display. Now we know what do to with unwanted wine bottle crates!

Of course,not forgetting these drool-worthy pastries and tarts!

Mini bundt cakes with the prettiest glazings.

Now, what is Plain Vanilla without their signature cupcakes! Just a quick refresh, in case you haven’t read my previous post, my favourites are Strawberry White Chocolate, Red Velvet, Earl Grey Lavender and Cinnamon Sugar. 😀

My friends and I shared a Lemon Ginger Bundt Cake ($7.50) as we were bloated from brunch earlier. The price did shock me a little and I’m not too sure if this was as worth ordering as compared to the cupcakes. However, I fell in love with the candied ginger. For someone who hates ginger, that is a major compliment. Also, I noted that the cake was soft and spongey, without being overly sweet. That said, I’ll choose the cupcakes anytime over this.

I brought this home too – Recipe in A Jar ($22). I suppose you know my weakness by now.

Plain Vanilla‘s new café is certainly one that you should look forward to visiting. Perfect ambience and yummy cakes – I’m looking forward to the next café that will wow me as much as this and Shop Wonderland!

Plain Vanilla Café
1D Yong Siak Street
Tiong Bahru Estate
Tel: 64655942
*Closed on Mondays


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