Guide to SAVOUR 2014 @ The Promontory, Marina Bay

Held from 5 to 9 March 2014 at the new location of The Promontory @ Marina Bay, SAVOUR returns with its exciting mix of Michelin-­starred chefs, award-­winning restaurants, culinary activities and international food producers in one uniquely curated experience.  The 2014 line-up of 19 highly-acclaimed chefs, both local and overseas, will feature over 50 signature dishes for you to create your very own culinary adventure. In sum, the Michelin Stars between the chefs accrued to 10, including heavy-weight Chef Alvin Leung from Hong Kong who holds a 3 Michelin Stars under his belt as well as Singapore-based 3 Michelin Stars Chef Bruno Menard (the man behind &MADE & La Cantine). UK’s Best Chef, Mark Sargeant will also be in town for this occasion!

For this SAVOUR Guide, I’ll first bring you through the vicinity, as it really was like a playground with different experiences at different areas and I aim to familiarize you with the surroundings before moving to the food reviews and lastly, the Gourmet Market experience.DSC04388
Just a heads-up, all purchase of food (apart from Jason’s Marketplace) will be made via SAVOUR Dollars, which come in denominations of $2. They are sold in only sets of $10 (or 5 pieces of $2) and $30 (or 15 pieces of $2). Purchase of these vouchers can be made via cash or credit cards from booths.
The most prominent structure at SAVOUR is Badoit’s Bubble Lounge, where you can find sparkling water from France. You see, when you go to fine-dining restaurants, the norm is to order sparkling or still water. Well, SAVOUR has got it all figured out for you! The structure is especially pretty at night and if you’re driving, this will be the option to go!
Complimentary cups of Badoit Sparkling Water for every ticket-holder!
This is basically what you can expect of the “stalls”. As you can see, each booth is being endorsed by a huge photo of the chef and interiors of their restaurants. The menus are straightforward, with price clearly indicated on the overhead board. All the chefs will be present at their own booths/kitchens and they would pop out to interact with customers if time permits. Best time to rub shoulders with with these yummy chefs and get a photo momento with them I would say (and I sure did)!
Lots of seating areas are available.
Harry’s Bar corner! Expect live performance later into the night.
More seatings available.
Walk further down and you’ll find an area dedicated to Veuve Clicquot – how whimsical!
There is also a Nespresso booth where you can find customized cocktails of Nespresso – available only before 7pm!
Chef HENRIK YDE from Denmark [1 Michelin Star]: Frozen Red Curry with Prawn and Coriander Salad ($14) – Literally bite-sized, I could feel my heart aching from the price I paid. Lo and behold, it was the best rendition of curry I’ve ever had. To begin with, I’m not even a fan of curry, but I’ll be a happy lark to have this every day. With its extremely smooth texture, the red curry cuts through very distinctly, yet at the same time, subtle. The prawn was almost raw – its texture halfway between chewy-raw and crunchy-cooked. $14 well-spent (and I had to resist a second order)!
DSC04393  DSC04398
Chef EMMANUEL STROOBANT from Saint Pierre & Blue Lotus, Singapore: Homemade Foie Gras Terrine Tempura, Lobster Mayonnaise, Apple Salt ($18) – If you love foie gras, you have to order it. Tempura and foie gras is a first for me and I loved how the crispy batter broke off to reveal some mushy, melt-in-your-mouth goose liver. The taste was just right without being overpowering. Great lobster mayonnaise which enhanced the taste of foie gras!
Chef MOON KYUNG-SOO from Mikuni, Singapore: Kanpachi Truffle Soya, Hokkaido Botan Ebi, Tenshin Sauce, Caviar ($16) – Another mind-blowing, orgasmic dish in my opinion. The presentation won me over head over heels. The sardine tin can had a customised label for the dish, complete with QR code! The yellowtail sashimi was extremely fresh and you could smell the waft of truffle soya while carrying it to the table. The most instagram-worthy dish title goes to this no doubt!
Chef MOON KYUNG-SOO from Mikuni, Singapore: 72hr Miso Braised Short Rib, Kyoto Onion, Fresh Wasabi ($10) – One of the cheapest dishes we’ve seen, it was natural to order it. $5 for a bite – pretty well worth the money!
Really cool Oxwell & Co truck that serves up some awesome drinks!
Chef MARK SARGEANT [Winner of UK’s Best Chef, Owner of Oxwell & Co, Singapore]: Pan-Fried Rye Bay Scallop
with a Tomato, Chilli & Broad Bean Salsa 
($10) – This was good in its own rights, though if you ask me, I was disappointed by the size of the scallop and I probably could get a better deal elsewhere. Don’t get the wrong idea though, I’m just being economical here!
Do you see it? ALTIMATE KOBE BURGER, limited to only 20 burgers per session!!!
DSC04415 DSC04416
Chef Christopher Millar hard at work!
Chef CHRISTOPHER MILLAR [Stellar @ 1-Altitude, Singapore, who needs no further introduction]: Altimate Kobe Burger ($18) – The most value-for-money, most-filling and most-hearty dish of the night! One whole, full-sized burger, with 2 kobe beef patties, no less, at only $18! If you managed to get this, you’ve struck gold.
Chef CHRISTOPHER MILLAR [Stellar @ 1-Altitude, Singapore]: Peach Slushie – Given to us complimentary, this was da bomb! A combination of peach and Belvedere – toxic is the word!
Chef ALVIN LEUNG [3 Michelin Stars, Hong Kong]: MOLECULAR – “XIAO LONG BAO” ($6 each) – Not exactly a must-try for me simply ‘cos I’ve had similar dish previously. If it’s your first time trying molecular gastronomy, this will be a good start!
Chef HAN LIGUANG [Labyrinth, Singapore]: Chilli Crab & Mantou ($12) – I absolutely loved the crab mousse and you could easily taste the freshness of the crab! However, if you’re looking for some spicy kick, look somewhere else.
Chef RICCARDO CATARSI [&Sons, Singapore]: Linguine, Crab & Nduja ($16, Large) – Hey, don’t you belittle a plate of pasta! Unlike the regular crabmeat pasta where you get chunks of crabmeat, this plate of pasta had chunks of crab that had been shredded to the thinnest. I can’t fathom how the chef did it either. The linguine was perfectly al-dente and it was a glorious pasta.
Chef JULIEN ROYER [Jaan, Singapore]: Strawbery, Lavender, Rhubarb, Basil ($10) – Great but still missing an X factor.
The event venue includes a gourmet market showcasing food and drink exhibitors, celebrity chef masterclasses, hands-on cooking studio, wine workshops and other themed areas. All workshops, tastings and demonstrations are complimentary, on a first-come first-served basis.

Adding to the SAVOUR experience this year, ToTT features an interactive cookware retail section with live product demonstrations, a QR (Quick Response) Code shopping wall, selected kitchen and tableware for sale, and an iPad station for visitors to browse and shop for over 1,500 culinary products via ToTT’s online store.

Moreover, there will be free delivery with just $80 worth of purchase of ToTT’s booth via instead of the usual $200 spending requirement! Free ToTT Home Chef membership is also available and new sign ups can stand a chance to win exciting prizes including a SousVide Supreme Demi in a lucky draw. Well, too bad I’m already a ToTT membership holder and there was even a minimum spending when I joined! So, this is a great opportunity to secure such a great deal!

Housed within the gourmet market, you can find the ice cream & cookie co., to much of my joy!
Exclusive sundae creations for SAVOUR – how could I miss out on the chance!
Banana Sundae [Banana ice cream, sable crumble, coffee sponge, Kahlua sauce, almond brittle] ($8) – I really liked this dessert as the many layers were tastebud-provoking. They were definitely not stingy with the Kahlua, hence a major bonus there. Also, the almond brittle was was delicate!
Best seating spot? Outside a side entrance of the gourmet market, with a million-dollar view seen below. You’re welcome.
DSC04466 DSC04381
Together with the SAVOUR pamphlet that you’ll be given upon entry is an activity schedule, where you can attend masterclasses and demonstrations – all complimentary may I emphasize again. This is the Barilla Cooking Studio within the Gourmet Market.
All prepped for the Atas Mantou demonstration by Chef Aaron from Fortnight!
I’m really pleased by our final product! The entire class took 1.5 hours, including Chef Aaron’s demonstration, as well as hands-on. Best thing is, you can to taste your own creations!
Before you leave, don’t forget to pop by Jason’s Marketplace where there are lots of fresh produce and organic food for sale, as well as more food booths!
Will you be heading to SAVOUR 2014? Well, I’m looking forward to SAVOUR 2015 already!

For more information, you can visit SAVOUR’s official website for more comprehensive details: and purchase of tickets!

The Promontory, Marina Bay

Special thanks to ToTT and Ivy for this wonderful experience!


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