Coco Bruni @ Garosu-gil, Seoul [Korea Trip]

Prominently located near the head of Garosu-gil street, Coco Bruni first caught my attention with its unique, fantasy-like logo design – that of a sparrow-riding girl. The wide and open entrances were inviting, as if drawing us in to further introduce “the messenger of a dream”.

Clean white against cement floors.

I loved the idea of this dedicated chocolate casing – it felt as though I was walking through a museum.

Hot pink wall! Spot those unusual overhead potted plants turned upside down!

Coco Bruni merchandises that were so pretty!

Yummy tarts/cakes/chocolates on display!

Second level of the café.

Earl Grey Cake (6,000won/$7.20) – This would have been a tart in my dictionary, since there was a lack of cake batter in this earl grey cake! If you haven’t tasted Korean whipped creams, you can imagine them to be fluffy and lights clouds of aerated foam that melts into an intended flavouring within your mouth. Yes, the infused earl grey flavour was very distinct and the height of cream was deceiving since the estimated mass between the cream and rest of the ‘cake’ seemed identical. Within a single mouthful, you can taste the different layers and textures – from the cookie crumble base to chocolate sponge and mango. 

Well, I would not say that the cakes at Coco Bruni are to-die-for but they culminate what a typical “Seoul-Cafe-cake” would be. They are characterized to be delicate yet complex; where you’d rather pay than spend hours replicating them in your kitchen.

Coco Bruni Chocolatier & Barista
(Sinsa Station, Exit 8)


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