Staycation: The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

This famous colonial structure was once home to the nation’s General Post Office, The Exchange, Chamber of Commerce and The Singapore Club. Converted into a luxury hotel that is uniquely Singapore, The Fullerton Hotel continues to draw crowds, both overseas and local, with its blend of the old and new. I was here over Christmas last year and the hotel was lavishly ornamented to the nines.

Simply gorgeous!

Taken from a level below the lobby.
A beautiful poolside view.

My room (Room 619) was especially big, and I can’t say the same for the other rooms! It was extremely spacious, which on the downside, made the minimal decor of the room a little bare. The TV was tiny, considering the distance from the bed to the console and sadly, it was not the usual LED Smart-TVs we see in new hotels nowadays. Nonetheless, the space made up for it!

Cute Fullerton Bears by the bedside!

A dedicated study area that was fairly spacious too!


Plush and soft bedroom slippers that came in reusable pouches.

A sizable bathroom with both bathtub and shower, complete with huge mirrors!

Not the best-smelling toiletries around but acceptable.

Well-equipped toiletry box.

Snacks Bar.

Complimentary TWG teabags! Yes, I confess that I brought them all home.

Glasses of all sizes are at your pick.

We ordered room service for lunch and it was professionally set up at our couch. I have forgotten the price of the Chicken Rice set but it was finger-licking good for sure!

The Courtyard leading to the Town Restaurant that serves International Buffet for lunch and dinner, and provides International Breakfast for hotel guests.

A man’s dream is made of this.

Perfect-looking pancakes and waffles!

Traditional Kaya toasts.

Cups of coffee served in these nostalgic porcelain ware.

Live egg station!

Japanese section – Pork broth.

Japanese selection of appetizers.



Basically, the variety offered was by far the largest in all of the hotels I have stayed in and extra thoughts were given to presenting local fares/flavours to hotel guests. Also, quality was consistently good. Thus, if you’re planning a trip here,do wake up early in order to take time to enjoy your breakfast!

My stay at Fullerton was faultless and indeed very enjoyable. It was a bonus that the hotel hires a duo of violinist and piano accompaniment, who played melodious music through the night. It is always these extra touches, that make the entire experience more luxe.

The Fullerton Hotel
1 Fullerton Square
Tel: 6735 8388


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