Cook & Brew @ Westin Hotel

Cook & Brew is a restaurant cum bar at the new Westin Hotel, boasting a panoramic view of our Marina Bay Port from 33rd floor. It currently holds the record for the longest bar table and curates over 70 types of beers from various countries! Impressive collection there and I was surprised to learn that the prices at Cook & Brew were very affordable, considering its supreme location and association with a 5-star hotel.

Indeed a very long bar that spans across half the restaurant space!

Such love for plush leather sofas that exude the British vibes, complete with huge screens – great for football nights!

The entire bar area – definitely spacious and there’s even an outdoor smoking area.

Self-service wine machine that is the latest must-have.

Get the feast started and tuck those denim napkins into your shirt!

Those lights.

A very tranquil dining area with tables widely-spaced apart.

Beer Battered Silver Fish w Lemon Aioli ($10) – There was a separate bar bites menu where dishes come in at only $10 or $12! This one that we had was awesome! While the silver fish was extremely crispy on the outside, you could still bite into the fleshy part of the fish – it’s not dried out like ikan bilis. Highly addictive, you could easily pop one in every second.

Soft Shell Crab Sliders – Instead of the usual buns, Chinese steamed mini mantous were used. I thought that the slider could do with less vegetables and pickles. The soft shell crab was great, though the bun gets tough within minutes.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup ($11) – A must-order as it was so good that my mum, who doesn’t take cream soups and promised to try only one spoonful, decided to go for seconds.

What A Spaghetti [Black mussels, roma tomato sauce, fresh basil leaves, buffalo mozzarella] ($24) – Clearly, pasta is not their specialty. The noodles were overcooked and a tad too salty for my liking.

Honey BBQ Ribs w Sweet Potato Fries ($26) – A wonderful slab of meat glistening in the glory of honey and oil. It was very enjoyable tearing the meat off the bones – done with much ease – and finding that apart from the perfect texture, the seasonings sealed the deal. Furthermore, the chunky sweet potato fries were oh-so-delicious too.

Matso Ginger Beer from Australia [4.2%/330ml] ($12) – Love ginger tea? This one is for you.

Cheeky Rascal Strawberry & Apple Cider – This was my second choice (cos the first ran out) and it was well, alright.

Customised beer sleeves to keep your brew chilled!

As you exit Cook & Brew, don’t forget to look down to the amazing lobby!

I can foresee that Cook & Brew will be a popular hangout for after-hours drinks! Great concept, huge array of drink choices, gorgeous views and hearty food.

Cook & Brew
The Westin Hotel
12 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 2
Tel: 6922 6888


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