Café Waffle It Up @ Sinchon, Seoul [Korea Trip]

As promised, I’ll be sharing where you can find the best waffles in Seoul today! Opposite Mister Bossam Cafe, Waffle It Up is easily missed as it is located within an alley. A well-hidden gem, the cafe specialises in Belgium waffles and ice cream. 

A cosy space with brick walls and lots of wood.

Yummy ice cream flavours! The waffles menu at the cafe is extensive, with different combinations of waffles, fruits and ice cream sets. They even have bite sized waffles!

Fresh Cream Waffle [2 pcs Waffle + 1 scoop Gelato + Fresh Cream] (6,400won/$7.50) – We went for the most basic set since the waffles themselves beat anything else that comes close to them! The waffles had a very crispy exterior, with slight caramelization, contrasted by a chewy interior. Belgium waffles are prevalent in Seoul but it can be difficult to find really good ones and so far, nothing can be comparable to the ones here at Waffle It Up! The fresh cream at the side was addictive, light and fluffy. Our dark chocolate ice cream was fool-proof too! 

I really wish we could have a cafe that specialises in Belgium waffles in Singapore; can someone bring in a franchise of Waffle It Up please?

Café Waffle It Up
37-35, Daehyeon-dong 
Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea


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