The Pantry in Shop Wonderland @ Haji Lane

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the reopening of Shop Wonderland (retail arm of Wonderland for Detailed Planners) and indeed, it was worth the wait. Shop Wonderland is a cafe, aka The Pantry, a lifestyle retail store, cum workshops studio. The eye-catching shop front along one of the shophouses at Haji Lane, it looks like a classic Parisian candy shop at first glance. The shop is framed with  foliage against the golden accents. This is yet one of my photo-laden posts, just because.

First level of the store – The Pantry.

Colourful and gorgeous vintage lampshades – available for sale!

Bright green racks that stood out from the earthy tones.

A lovely corner which I could spend a whole day at.

Flavoured sodas in medicine bottles are new additions to The Pantry’s drinks list – cute!

Now, finally the food part comes in. At the front of the counter is the well-stocked dessert and pastry table! You may find them familiar, as the cakes are from Maple & Market, while the pastries are from Carpenter & Cook!!!! Yes, the best of the bests under one roof! The display of the goodies was such a pretty sight!

P.S. Cafe-style of hanging the magazines.

I loved the fact that all the chairs (barring the stools) were Tiffany chairs (yes, I want them in my future wedding)!

I was very kindly served with 2 cookies before the arrival of the BFF – excellent customer service!

We ordered a High Tea Breakfast Set ($48 for 2) which practically filled us up to the brim and we had to take-home some of the leftovers, hence the portion is definitely good for 3 to share as well! The set comes with 2 drinks and I got some tea from Gryphon Tea Company.

Iced Mocha made on the spot!

A beautiful 2 tier containing most of my favourites.
Top tier: Mini Chirozo Bun; Plum Financier Tart (C&C); Chocolate Muffin
Bottom tier: Crossiant; Lemon Tart (C&C); Blossom Cake (M&M)
In my opinion, the crossiant would have been better if it came with some fillings such as egg mayo or even scrambled egg! Otherwise, the overload of carbs could be a little overwhelming – some protein would be great.

Not forgetting the signature quiche from Carpenter & Cook on the side!

That comes up to 3 savoury pastries and 4 dessert items in a set, drinks inclusive. Highly value-for-money if you factor in the costs of traveling to the 2 locations at extreme ends of Singapore!

2nd Floor of Shop Wonderland – I wished I owned each of every single item!! At the back of the shop (near the windows) is a studio where flower arrangement and illustration classes are held. Do check out their FB page to get the latest updated of classes!

Paper poms poms can be found here!

Shop Wonderland is easily my favourite cafe of 2014 (I know it’s only Feb), as the entire concept, from decor to food to merchandise, makes my heart flutters so. ❤

The Pantry @ Shop Wonderland
37 Haji Lane
Tel: 6299 5848


6 Comments Add yours

  1. The cafe is really very beautiful. It felt like stepping into a wonderland.

  2. J says:

    Hello 🙂
    can i ask if there is a specific timing for the high tea breakfast set? thank you!

    1. foodiepink says:

      Hi J, if I’m not wrong, it starts at 11am! It’d be best to give the shop a call at 6299 5848, in case my memory failed me! 🙂

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