Miam Miam French.Japanese Cafe.Kitchen @ Bugis Junction

A few weeks back, I headed to Bugis Junction to check out its newly revamped wing and Miam Miam, which also means “Yum Yum” in French, got onto my personal ‘To Try’ list. A few days later, an invitation for a food-tasting event here found its way into my mailbox. True story there. At first look, what attracted me to the cafe was its lovely decor – a hybrid of organic wooden planks and ornate counter tiles, complete with filament bulbs. Moreover, being a fan of fusion food, Japanese-French is a territory that I’m more than comfortable with.

Pastel-coloured wooden chairs that would make you feel right at home.
Absolutely gorgeous food-styling for the menu!

Miam Miam’s open kitchen is a narrow, rectangular one that stretches across at least half the length of the restaurant. It is divided into different sections – pasta, rice, desserts, drinks – to maximise space utility and facilitate service efficacy. Marrying French techniques with Japanese inspired flavours and ideologies, the team at Miam Miam is engineered to deliver a consistently excellent experience.

If you’re wondering what a weighing machine serves to do at the pasta station, well, fun fact for you – each portion of raw pasta measures 110g and is then cooked for exactly 7.5 minutes to achieve the perfect bite and al dente texture.

Miam Miam Spaghetti [Sautéed pasta w frankfurters, tomatoes, baby spinach & bacon] ($15.80) – A signature at Miam Miam, this was one of the most memorable dish! The sauce was a genius combination of secret broth and shoyu and the generous dose of sesame seeds further enhanced the flavours. Right in the centre was my all-time favourite onsen egg and the goodness of this dish seemed to multiply after a good toss. I must applaud the texture of the spaghetti, which was indeed al dente, though the portion of 110g may be a little too much if you’re planning to have desserts after.

Lobster Bisque Pasta ($18.80) – A pasta dish that paled in comparison to the previous, I felt that the lobster bisque could be thicker, though there was absolutely no fault in the intensity of flavour. Do take note that it is topped with grilled king prawn, not lobster!

Riz Au Curry [Baked rice w homemade Japanese curry, pork frankfurters, broccoli cheese & egg] ($15.50) – Produced by a whopping number of 33 ingredients, the Japanese curry was indeed, one-of-its-kind. The curry flavour was intense, though you’ll not be expecting any heat from it. It leaned towards a sweet-savoury taste. Topped with baked egg, cheese and broccoli, it’s decadence in simplicity.

Soufflé De Nuage [Home-style fresh tomato sauteed rice topped w fluffy clouds of egg & cheese] ($15.50) – I have a penchant for soufflés mainly because of its fluffy, foamy texture that simply melts in your mouth, leaving an intended flavour. The soufflé had risen beautifully and the top most layer was crusty, with a fragrant burnt-cheese smell. If you dig deeper in though, the taste of cheese dissipates. The tomato rice at the bottom was rather predictable. That said, this dish was addictive!

Riz Noir [Squid-ink rice w assorted seafood & omu egg] ($16.50) – Made with top-grade ika sumi powder imported from Hokkaido, you can be assured of Miam Miam’s dedication in bringing the highest-quality ingredients to your plates. The squid-ink taste was delicate in this dish and I was impressed by the generous amount of fresh seafood. Also, more fluffy eggs here! But secretly, my vote still goes out to the curry rice!

Caramelized Banana Pancake Creation served w Premium Gelato Vanilla Soft Serve ($12.80) – Dessert fans, you’ll surely be pampered at Miam Miam with the array of dessert choices – as many as the mains in fact! Like the soufflé, the pancake is a very light batter that produces its light and fluffy texture. I especially loved the caramelized banana as the burnt sugar tasted amazing against the pancake. A personal preference here, but I wished the bananas were cooked longer, till they turn a little soggy.

Famous French Toast ($9.80) – Don’t miss the french toast when you’re here! A little bigger than bite-sized chunks, these were soft (like a cushion) and fragrant. What really won me over was the cream. Unlike the usual soft whipped cream, this was an extremely dense and velvety one. It was a pleasant surprise and I was literally hooked onto it. It melts slightly over the warm french toast, further adding moisture to it.

Chocolate Molleaux served w Premium Gelato Vanilla Soft Serve ($9.80) – The portion may look small for its price but trust me, it is packed with truckloads of pure dark chocolate. I took a only a small bite and the perfume of chocolate wafted through my system. Definitely one of the better chocolate lava cakes around!

Matcha Soufflé ($10.80) – This seemed rather mediocre as compared to the previous desserts as the taste of green tea was not as strong as desired.

Hot Matcha ($6.20) – Bland on first taste, this readily clench your thirst and will not occupy much of your stomach space.

Hot Matcha Latte ($6.80) – Served piping hot, this was a comfort drink. Stronger in taste than Starbucks, I pretty liked this version!

Preparation time at Miam Miam may be slighter longer as each dish is made from scratch to maintain freshness and especially due to the nature of some dishes such as soufflés. The menus change every 6-9 months, so you can always look forward to new surprises!

For couples out there, Miam Miam is having a Valentine’s Day promotion on 13th & 14th Feb! Simply order a minimum of 2 main courses, give your significant other a peck on the face and get an exquisite dessert on the house! The dessert is a heart-shaped pancake topped with lychee rose cream, drizzled with raspberry coulis. Also, you’ll be happy to hear that there is no inflation of prices for this occasion. 🙂

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Liqin for her kind hosting and Racheal for the invitation!

Miam Miam @ Bugis 
#02-14 Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Tel: 68370301
Miam Miam @ Westgate
#01-21/22 Westgate
3 Gateway Drive


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