The Provision Shop @ Everton Park

I remember sitting on these chairs during my kindergarten days. You would have guessed from the name of the cafe, that the theme is reminiscent of our recent past. We are seeing fewer and fewer provision shops these days as they are quickly replaced by minimarts and supermarkets. Aptly located under a HDB block, The Provision Shop imbues a sense of nostalgia.

Chalkboards with modern illustrations.

I loved how the theming comes together with thoughtful coordination of colours, both inside and outside the cafe.

Pretty menu front!

Counter/cashier – look at that milo tin!

Sea Salt Lemonade ($6) – A unique concoction, the boy loved it so much as it seemed to be an instant cure for sore throat. For me however, I have a gag reflex on saltish water so as much as I’d love to like it, the body didn’t agree.

Reuben Sandwich [Corned beef, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, Swiss cheese] ($14) – A house special and a must-try! I initially thought that the bread must be really hard from the looks of it, but I was wrong. The bread slices turned out to be a little crispy on the outside but still soft and moist on the underside. The beef slices were thin and tender and the sour cabbage was an excellent pair to them. The fillings were gooey and moist from the melted cheese and dressing. A very creative sandwich dish, which I can have for breakfast daily!

Homemade Bolognese ($14) – They ran out of their homemade tagliatelle, so we were offered this pasta instead. I’d say that it has an unusual shape, unlike the usual penne. The cross-section is actually an ‘S’! But anyway, the pasta was perfectly al-dente and the tomato beef sauce was really flavourful. You could taste the freshness of the minced beef and that this was definitely homemade goodness.

Sea Salt Vanilla Ice Cream ($5) – I really enjoyed this one as the sea salt taste was subtle and the fresh vanilla pods really lifted the flavours of the ice cream. As it was homemade, it was less creamy and more icy. You have to give this a go!

If you want to try something different for brunch, The Provision Shop will be a wise choice as they serve up so much more than eggs. I gave the cakes a miss this time as I headed over to The Audacious Cakery in the adjacent block, though thankfully I tried the ice cream!

The Provision Shop
3 Everton Park
Tel: 62259931


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