Oushin Japanese Steakhouse @ Suntec City Mall

I love the concept of Japanese steakhouse – just like how I love my Japanese pasta – and I made it a point to come down to try this latest hunt in Suntec City! Sandwiched in between Akashi Sushi and Starbucks, Oushin looked tiny from outside. However, the narrow space at the front of the restaurant meant greater privacy as tables were arranged in one long row, which in turn, allowed the provision of focused service. The dim lights made the ambience a laid-back and uninhibited one. Throughout the entire weekday dinner, the boy and I were the only diners. It really saddens me, simply because the food was impeccable.

Complimentary Starter of Egg Custard – A French style of having amuse bouche before a meal! This isn’t your usual Japanese chawanmushi, but tasted more like the fillings of a quiche. Nicely done!

Complimentary Bread

Hokkaido Crab Tart($24) – A signature starter at Oushin, I certainly have to agree with them! They were extremely generous with the pure crab meat stuffing, which was densely packed between what I believe to be corn bread. So basically, it’s like a crab meat burger, but better. Moreover, the dollop of foam in the background was amazing – foamy with an intense flavour of crab. Please try this impressive dish when you’re over at Oushin!

Umami Beef Cheek ($28) – If you’re not planning to have steak, you can opt for some braised beef cheek. As you can see, the meat was fork-tender and seasoned to the core. The sauce was finger-licking good and the mash done right. The grilled corn was a definite bonus too, which added a good crunchiness to the dish.

220g Australian BMS 5, Grain Fed w Chef Fukushima Sauce ($38) – Smoked over 900 degrees w Sakura Wood & Japanese Charcoal, well, what more can I say? I’m pretty sure the photos above speak for themselves too. There are several sauces that you can choose from but we were recommended Chef Fukushima Sauce, a garlic and shoyu concoction, also a house special. Adequately flavoured, it omitted the pungent aspect of garlics. The grilled radish on the side was excellent too. Though the price may be on the steeper side, it was worth it.

Side Order: Onsen Egg ($5 each) – I reckon you wouldn’t know, but I never ever miss out on onsen eggs when the opportunity arises! You can have additional side orders to go with your dishes and lucky for me, onsen egg was on the menu! Flawlessly done. *thumbs up*

In the case that you don’t take beef, there are pork dishes available at Oushin too! Service was awesome, probably because we were the only diners. I’ll be back soon!

Oushin Steakhouse
#02-391, Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
Tel: 68844805


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  1. Food Esteem says:

    omg.. Im so in love with their braised beef cheek!

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