Nadaman Japanese Restaurant @ Shangri-La Hotel

It has been more than 108 years since the founder, Mr Nadaya-Mansuke (Nadaman) opened his restaurant in Osaka, Japan. Concentrating on the provision of culinary art, Nadaman has earned a renowned reputation in the home country. It specialises in Kansairyori cuisine and at Shangri-La Hotel, you’ll be able to experience true Nadaman traditional cooking. The restaurant offers seasonal lunch courses which change every month and they are priced at $50 and $60, with slight differences in presentation and quality.

A regal Japanese setting promises you for what is to come.

Nadaman has a sushi counter and teppanyaki counter (not shown) where you can witness the culinary skills of the chefs.

Chef Koichi Ota’s Seasonal “Nagomi Zen” ($50/set): Appetizer – Dainty portion of simmered spinach.

Chef Koichi Ota’s Seasonal “Nagomi Zen” ($50/set): Sashimi – Fresh and firm, but thin.

Chef Koichi Ota’s Seasonal “Nagomi Zen” ($50/set): Steamed Egg Custard, Simmered Dish, Grilled Dish, Rice, Miso Soup – A feast for the eyes, each element was placed in beautiful and delicate Japanese porcelain wares. I especially loved the simmer dish which basically consisted of vegetables such as Japanese yam, radish, pumpkin and etc. The flavours were perfectly balanced too. A wonderful set lunch that leaves you wanting for more – not because they don’t fill you up, but simply ‘cos everything was too delicious!

Chef Koichi Ota’s Seasonal “Hiru Kaiseki” ($60/set): Appetiser of Boiled Chrysanthemum & Deep-fried Baby Sardine, Sesame & Prawn Mousse w Bonito Broth Jelly, Simmered Oyster w Sweet Soy Sauce – $10 more than the previous set, the dishes are served in courses for this set. Again, the presentation was flawless and fit for royalty. The sesame and prawn mousse was outstanding with the texture akin to tofu jelly.

Chef Koichi Ota’s Seasonal “Hiru Kaiseki” ($60/set): Clear Soup & Fish Cake w Burdock, Carrot, Green Beans & Yuzu – The homemade fish cake was worth a mention with a springy and cakey texture to it. Trust the Japanese to come up with healthy yet tasty dishes!

Chef Koichi Ota’s Seasonal “Hiru Kaiseki” ($60/set): Sashimi – Evidently, more premium sashimi was served for the $60 set.

Chef Koichi Ota’s Seasonal “Hiru Kaiseki” ($60/set): Simmered Minced Tofu & Vegetables, Boiled White Rice w Mushroom – Amazing homemade tofu which was light on the palette, yet uncompromised in terms of flavours. The set comes with a grilled dish of salmon and egg which I missed out taking a photo of!

Dessert: Matcha & Vanilla Ice Cream 

The set lunches at Nadaman are served during weekends as well, so why not head over here for a Japanese brunch instead! The standards had definitely exceeded my expectations and it’s a bonus that the female staff were dressed in kimonos, which made the experience all the more authentic!

Nadaman Japanese Restaurant
Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
Tel: 6213 4571


4 Comments Add yours

    1. foodiepink says:

      I would say that the $50 set suffices though if you are looking for extra touches, the $10 increment definitely adds more value.

  1. Food Esteem says:

    Something new to me.. Jap brunch!

    1. foodiepink says:

      Yes! Instead of the usual egg benedicts, switch them up for some bentos instead. 🙂

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