Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant @ ION, Orchard

The first thing I would want to have after a long day in the cold, cold office is some piping hot soup. It definitely helps that my workplace is near ION and I can simply pop by Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant (though I must warn that they’re always full even on weekdays and prior reservation is a must). My first encounter of the restaurant was at its first branch in Triple One Somerset – a quiet mall then. Years ago, ‘fine-dining’ and steamboats were never correlated and I believe that the Imperial Treasure group has revolutionized this concept, where the best ingredients are used, many handmade, and simply delicious. Since Chinese New Year is round the corner, what better timing to share this post than now! Family bonding session over hotpots sounds like an awesome reunion dinner idea to me!

Soup base: Traditional Pork Bone Soup ($18) & Seaweeds & Kelp Soup ($15) – I loved the former as the soup was very sweet on its own while the latter was much more plain. Apart from the ones I had, the restaurant offers more than 10 variations of soup base!

Deep-fried Fish Skin ($6) – While waiting for the soup to boil, these were good to munch on. Cracked upon biting, these were light and tasty, without any undesirable taste of recycled oil. Dip them into your soup and they’ll remain crunchy!

USA Sliced “Kurobuta” Pork Belly ($12) – They mean it when they say pork belly as the slices were indeed very fatty. If you’re health-conscious, you can opt for pork loin instead. However, I must emphasize that the best things in life are unhealthy. 😛

USA Choice Short Rib Meat ($34) – Perfectly-marbled beef we have – they were a stunner indeed. Cooked in 10 seconds, each chew had a spring to it and the organic flavour of the beef was simply superb!

Sliced Fresh Chicken ($6) – Even though the slices were left in the pot for extended period (unintentionally), they remained tender and really smooth! In fact, I enjoyed this more than the pork belly.

Golden Mushroom ($5)

Fish Maw ($38/4 pieces) – A piece of advice: don’t let them get lost in your soup.

Top: Fresh Canton Dace Fish Ball ($8) – Their fishballs had a bittersweet taste of orange peel to them, making them a cut above the rest.
Bottom: Minced Vegetable & Pork Wanton ($8/6 pieces) – The seasoning of the fillings was great, which probably summed up the wantons!

Chilled Beancurd ($3.50 ) – When these were cooked, they turn out to be gorgeous firm tofu. The cross-section of it revealed multiple layers of beancurd skin. A good alternative to soft tofu that usually breaks up in soup.

Deep-fried Beancurd Skin ($6) – It’s a must-order every single time here; 2 baskets at least!

Spinach ($4)

Homemade Fresh Dace Fish Noodle ($10) – Similar to the paste used in fishballs, can you imagine how springy your noodles turn out?


At Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant, you will be spoilt for choice with the extensive list of steamboat items, including live seafood choices like lobsters. No doubt, it has become my go-to place for my favourite comfort food!


Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
ION Orchard, #04-09/10
2 Orchard Turn
Tel: 6636 9339


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