Salt Grill & Sky Bar by Luke Mengan @ ION, Level 55

An Australian Celebrity Chef, Luke Mangan brings to us modern concepts from his home country, composing of fresh Australian produce. Luke’s first restaurant in Sydney, Salt, first opened in 1999. In ancient Greece, salt was a rare and expensive commodity that was given to people as a symbol of hospitality. Similarly, this was Luke’s core philosophy for the restaurant. Salt Grill & Sky Bar boasts a breathtaking skyline view of the city on the 56th Floor, which is also the highest point in Orchard. Needless to say, when dawn falls, the ambience of the cosy restaurant is romantic and posh. A table by the window was specially reserved ahead of my birthday celebration! Apparently, an extra charge was incurred by the restaurant. Loving the chandelier lamps as the centerpieces. Unobstructed, infinite view where the land and sky seemed to merge at the very end. Bread to start. Beetroot Soup (Complimentary) – After the authentic ones I’ve had in Russia, this didn’t turn out very palatable. Salt & Pepper Squid, Chargrilled Lime & Miso Mayo ($26) – The strips of squid seemed to have been oven-baked as they were not crispy at all. The combination of salt and pepper sure lent them some crunch but the method of cooking was really unidentifiable. In fact, it was more chewy than anything. A dish that made me ponder so hard over what I was exactly eating sure didn’t score well on my books. The miso mayo was fantastic though! Roasted Pollock, Crayfish, Zucchini, Chilli, Garlic, Confit Tomato ($55) – If you have a low tolerance for fishy tastes, you should skip this one. Not common choice of fish, pollock had a strong fishy taste to it, despite its wonderful texture. Also, I noted that the fish itself was quite salty. Thank goodness the condiments were flavourful on their own and the grilled crayfish was excellent. I wished they would replace this with salmon. Grilled Salmon, Sydney Spiced, Nicoise Style: Tomato, Olives, Egg, Beans, Anchovies ($50) – The grilled salmon on the other hand was fabulous! Just look at the glistening, crispy skin! The meat under was tender and pink. Notice how there is a lack of gravy in the fish dishes? I believe the chef aimed to bring out the essence of the fish, dressing them up with other ingredients instead of seasonings. I was simply in awe of the sight to behold! Take your meal slow and enjoy this million-dollar view! Chef’s Choice of Soufflé ($22) – I was too elated to listen to what the staff had to say about the flavour of the soufflé. Nonetheless, it was no doubt an A+ soufflé, looking at how fluffy it turned out to be. The dark chocolate sauce was the perfect partner to the moist and fluffy (for the lack of better words) dessert. A must-order over here! Salt Grill & Bar was a memorable restaurant, thanks to its amazing view no less. The dessert was definitely the highlight of the night, which ended on a really sweet note.   Salt Grill & Bar Restaurant #56-01, ION Orchard 2 Orchard Turn Tel: 6592 5118


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