Common Man Coffee Roasters @ Martin Road

The talk of the town when it first opened a few months back, Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) offers one of the more expensive brunch menus around. Thanks to the appearance of egg-porn videos all over insta-world, featuring eggs from none other than CMCR, I found every excuse to head over! I was there a little before 11am and managed to miss the queue.

My lens was’t wide enough but the banner in full read “Free Coffee & Doughnut For The Unemployed”. Not true.

A cosy spot outside the restaurant.

Common Man Full Breakfast [2 free-range organic eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato salsa, chorizo has browns, mushrooms & pork cannellini beans, w artisanal sourdough toast] ($26) – CMCR made me realised what difference it makes when you use free-range organic eggs to poach! Somehow, in one way or another, the egg was exceptionally soft and the egg yolk had a golden tint to it. These were simply the perfect eggs. Put together with all other elements, the Common Man Full Breakfast makes waking up early on a Sunday worth it. I especially loved those tomato salsa!

Turkish Common Man Breakfast [Phyllo-wrapped soft-boiled organic egg, crispy feta, olives & hummus, w pita bread] ($25) – Turkish breakfast sounded exotic and not your run-of-the-mill breakfast plates, which egged me on to try. I mean, I wouldn’t say that it was horrible tasting, but it sure didn’t leave me satisfied. Furthermore, there was only ONE egg in the dish and I had to order another side of 2 eggs. The crispy feta cheese and hummus went well with the pita bread that seemed to have honey drizzled on them. Exotic yes, but not extraordinary.

They should sell these phyllo-wrapped eggs by themselves!

2 Organic Eggs ($6) – Best eggs ever! It’s amazing how the standard of all the eggs on my table that day was consistent.

Organic Eggs Benedict [Tender braised ox cheeks, 2 poached organic eggs & chive hollandaise, w artisanal sourdough toast] ($24) – A drool-inducing dish visually, can you imagine how great it tasted? The meat was extremely tender and flavourful, adequately intensified by the hollandaise sauce. Needless to say, the eggs completed the dish.

Fluffy Brioche French Toast, Berry Compote, Premium Maple Syrup & Kapiti Vanilla Ice Cream ($18) – The french toast was incredibly soft and all the elements came together seamlessly to form a gorgeous dessert dish!

Sugar-dusted Fluffy Churros w Luscious Chocolate Sauce ($12) – The highly-anticipated churros were really quite disappointing. Firstly, there was insufficient sugar coated around the churros and secondly, it was too soft and squishy. The end product was a bland and uninspiring dough stick.

Iced Coffee ($7.50)

Common Man Coffee Roasters does their eggs exceptionally well and for self-proclaimed egg fanatics (myself included), I’m sure that you’ll enjoy the ones here. Though the prices may be steep, the quality compensated for the concern at the very least!


Common Man Coffee Roasters
#01-00, 22 Martin Road
Tel: 6836 4695 


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