LÈ Restaurant & Asian Tapas Bar @ Suntec City [Dinner + Christmas Special]

An avant-garde culinary concept by Paradise Group, seeks to evoke a sensuous dining experience. The idea of Chinese restaurant has been modified and redefined with this forward-looking conception. The front of the house is actually a bar area that is both chic and luxurious. My first time passing by had me thinking that it was yet another chi-chi lounge but thankfully in due time, I uncovered a hidden gem at the back of the house, where a huge dining area awaits.

Asian-inspired tapas and cocktails make their menu, perfect for the adventurous!

Once again, the main dining area places strong emphasis on the element of ambience. The open kitchen was really interesting as well, because,  to announce the closing of the kitchen, there was a ceremony where all chefs stood in a row and bowed to the customers, in appreciation of their patronage. Personally, I did feel very honoured at that moment.

Yes, the space is huge! There are many private rooms as well.

Chilli Crab Kuey Pie Tie ($15) – Yes, I do love them in spite of the price. In fact, love anything kuey-pie-tie style. The union of juicy and fleshy crabmeat morsels and the crispy shell was wonderful! A great rendition of a traditional Chinese dish.

Braised Cherry Foie Gras w Red Wine in Cherry Sauce ($26) – We were confused when this was served. Surely, the foie gras must be found in the core of the strawberries? Well, the ‘cherries’ were actually foie gras balls. The flavour was moderately intense, but pleasing for sure. The texture was extremely smooth too. However, I wouldn’t have paired the ‘cherries’ with the strawberries as I didn’t enjoy the stark contrast in terms of sweetness and sourness.

LE’s Signature Dirty Duck ($38/half) – may not be the first restaurant to roll out this dish, but I did enjoy it. I love the homemade scallion crepes and the duck was flavorsome! A must-try this if you’re here!

Red Garoupa w Truffle Sauce ($96; $16/100g) – This was recommended by the staff and surprisingly not on the menu! The truffle sauce was excellent, which left the truffle scent lingering in the air. Also, the fish was flash-fried to perfection, with the meat still soft and tender and its exterior crispy. This dish far exceeded my expectations as the flavours took me by surprise and till that day, I haven’t seen anyone incorporating truffle into a whole fish. Genius!

Chilled Mango Purée w Sago & Pomelo w Coconut Ice Cream ($7) – Nothing out of the ordinary, though the ice cream was one of the better ones around.

Crispy Custard Lava Bun w Vanilla Gelato Ice Cream ($9) – I believe this dessert would be able to win the hearts of many, since so many of us are liushabao fans.

A few weeks after my dinner at , I returned with the intention of trying their dimsum menu. However, I decided to give their Christmas menu a go instead! The set meal comprises of  six courses and is priced at $148 per person, available till 1st January 2014.

Combination of Roasted Turkey & Foie Gras w Szechuan Sauce – Unlike what Szechuan sauce would be perceived to be, it wasn’t spicy at all. That said, I found the complex sauce really tasty. Major love for the foie gras while the turkey was pretty tough.

Double-boiled Dried Ming Mu Fish w Chicken Soup – Looking at all the herbs floating in my soup, I decided that I may just skip it after the first sip. Boy, was I wrong! This nourishing soup was sweet and very easy on the palate. Another serving please?

Braised Superior Sea Cucumber w 6-Head Abalone – Precisely what Chinese fine-dining is all about, the sea treasures made their appearance in their prime. Kudos to the chefs for grasping the perfect timing, in order to keep the abalone tender and the sea cucumber springy!

Pan-seared Cod w Butter Mushroom Sauce – The most memorable dish of the meal was unsurprisingly the signature dish of the restaurant. The butter mushroom sauce was especially fragrant, so much so that I thought it was spiked with truffle.

Stir-fried Angel Hair w Assorted Seafood in Truffle Oil – Great in flavour, though a little too oily.

Sweet Temptation [Mango Sago, Avocado Cream, Yakult Sesame Panna Cotta & Fruits] – The tasting portions of desserts were fabulous! I can’t decide whether I like the avocado or the panna cotta more as both were light and not too sweet.

I really like despite the mixed reviews about the restaurant. I’m all for modern and fusion food as the best of both worlds could be combined to create some innovative, out-of-the-world gourmet ideas. Though this concept has yet to be accepted by many, the potential is certainly high.

LÉ Restaurant & Asian Tapas Bar 
#02-314, Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
Tel: 6338 8775


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