The Clan Restaurant @ Bukit Pasoh

The Clan Restaurant now occupies a century-old historic building, next to the office of a clan. Yes, literally. I have a penchant for the stretch of shophouses along Bukit Pasoh that are now under conservation. There is a certain degree of harmony between the old and the new due to gentrification, that gives the monotonous urban life a breath of fresh air. With that, the entire mood was set.
A six-course dinner set, priced at $65.80++ per person is served at The Clan to ‘provide the best value at the most affordable price’. For each course, diners get to choose from a plethora of choices. Creativity runs in the blood of the chefs at The Clan, who combined modern European with Asian touches. The meal was definitely filled with much anticipation of the next course.

A stunning chandelier that oozed oriental influences, set against the monochrome ceiling frames.

Luxurious, plush chairs in gold, with matching tablecloths – which I believe our ancestors would be proud of since gold is associated with money and wealth.

Eagerly waiting to put them into good use!

Palette Cleansers of Calamansi Sherbert – A perfect balance of sourness and sweetness, the icy treat definitely awakened my senses.

[Amuse Bouche Trio (L-R)] Prawn Sushi, Scallop w Truffle Foam, Chawanmushi w Foie Gras: The scallop and chawanmushi were Amazing, with a capital. Let’s start with the scallop. The light and fluffy foam had captured the essence of truffle so well, I wanted to have it with all my food. It invigorated the taste of both the scallop and asparagus slices. Next up is my very first foie gras chawanmushi. To me, this was a genius idea where the creamy nature of goose liver became a flawless addition to a smooth and silky egg custard. The taste was absolute intriguing and divine. As for the prawn sushi, it didn’t leave much of an impression in me.

[Cold Dish] New Style Sashimi, Hamachi w Ponzu Sauce & Orange Salsa: Sadly, I did not buy into their new style sashimi. In fact, I felt that the hamachi tasted a little fishy and I couldn’t really accept eating raw fish in chunky sticks.

[Cold Dish] Beef Carpaccio w Truffle Teriyaki & Horseradish Sauce: This was amazing starter that I would highly recommend! The beef slices were very thin and the sauce complemented the meat faultlessly.

[Side Dish] Steamed Razor Clams, Salmon Trout Roe drizzled w Japanese Sauce: It’s difficult to go wrong with fresh seafood!

[Side Dish] Kurobuta Pork Belly w Pork Cracker & Passionfruit Sauce: The pork was fork-tender. Even without the sauce, the meat itself was flavourful.

[Soup] Cepes Mushroom w Truffle Paste: This did not have the X-factor that I was looking for but do not get me wrong, it was more than decent.

[Soup] Crab Bisque Cappuccino w Prawn Twister: An interesting concoction we have here. Served in a wine glass, we were asked to drink straight from it. The bisque was foamy and thick – unique at first, but as I made my way to the bottom of the glass, it got a little too heavy. Nice prawn roll though!

[Main] Prime Beef Short Ribs on Hoba Leaf w Peppercorn Sauce on Lava Stone: A must-order at The Clan! The meat was cooked on the heated lava stone, which would allow you to consume the meat at your preferred doneness and for the smokey flavours from the hoba leaf to penetrate the meat. The beef was very tender and delicious on its own, no doubt the star of the night!

[Main] 48 Degree Poached Salmon w Japanese Broth, Dehyadrated Wakame & Leek: I love to have my salmon sous-vide style, but I think 48 degrees left my fish a little too raw for my liking.

[Main] Spiced Braised Lamb Shank w Potato Panko & Extra Virgin Olive Powder: I do not take lamb but according to my friend, this was the best lamb dish he had yet!

[Dessert] Triple Espresso Crème Brûlée

[Dessert] Peanut Caramel Feuilletine

[Dessert] Chocolate Lava w Homemade Gelato: This left the most impression out of the 3 desserts, even though I wouldn’t describe them to be spectacular.

The Clan Restaurant definitely has lots of tricks up their sleeves with innovative dishes, though some may not be as successful as the others are. Overall, it was a great meal, though I would say the choice for each course greatly determines the eventual level of satisfaction.


The Clan Restaurant
20 Bukit Pasoh Road
Tel: 6222 2084


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