Hide Yamamoto @ Marina Bay Sands

At Hide Yamamoto, diners are presented with a multi-concept ambience, where professional and skilled chefs are stationed according to their niche, including the Sushi, Teppanyaki, Robotayaki and Ramen. There are dedicated spaces for all four concepts and the photo above was taken at the Ramen & Dining area, which in my opinion is the least impressive (/least expensive) of all. Chef Hide Yamamoto is one of the 2010 Global Chef Award recipients and has been a highly-acclaimed Celebrity Chef.

How awesome is it to carry a successful brand with your own name?

Salmon Sashimi ($20) – Though the fish are air-flown in daily from Tsukiji market in Tokyo, I really couldn’t tell the difference. What I’ve noticed however, was how thinly-sliced each piece was and my heart was aching as I chewed my way through the salmon.

Vegetable Consomme Soup w Mushroom Tempura ($12) – I wanted something warm and comforting in the rainy season, hence starting the meal off with this dish. The soup was extremely clear –  you may even be deceived that it was plain water – but be pleasantly surprised by the taste of pure freshness and sweetness. Also, the chef had put in the extra effort to slice the corn kernels straight from the cob, which allows you to enjoy fresh corn in a glamorous fashion!

Chawanmushi Black Truffle Flan & Fresh Sea Urchin ($15) – The holy grail of chawanmushi! The egg custard was smooth and silky, with a layer of essence that further liquifies in your mouth. I was advised to mix it all up and true enough, the truffle flavour was much more distinct that way. All of these elements would be complimented by the creamy nature of sea urchin. No doubt an indulgence!

Sea Scallop w Spinach & Butter Soy Sauce ($20) – The scallop was so large that after being sliced into 4 pieces, each slice was still chunky! Roasted to perfection, the centre of each slice was still translucent which made the meat really tender and soft. The seasoning was optimum as well.

Tiger Prawns & Fresh Vegetables White Soy Dressing w Lime Juice ($25) – The most memorable dish of the night, the beefy and juicy prawns had a nice waft of charcoal roast to them.This flavour was juxtaposed by the tangy dressing. Full marks for execution!

Roasted Black Cod Fish, Marinated w Saikyo Miso ($35) – This reminded of the famous cod fish from Nobu. The meat was firm and springy, yet fragile enough to part with a slight force from the chopsticks. The miso was wonderful but my only gripe would be that bones were found in the fish. Though this may not be a sashimi dish, I feel that for the premium price I’m paying in a premium restaurant, extra touches like deboning the fish would go a long way for diners.

Wagyu Beef Claypot Rice w Ginger & Arima Sansho ($45) – Sadly, this was a let-down. The rice was overcooked in the claypot and there wasn’t enough gravy to enhance the rice. The beef itself was also too dry for my liking. I’d very gladly have 3 more portions of Chawanmushi in place of this.

Garlic Rice ($15) – The Garlic Rice on the other hand was excellent! My mum and I agreed that this was the best garlic rice we’ve had so far. Each grain was fluffy and soft, punctuated by garlic fragrance. The egg bits were almost the same size as the rice grains, which made the texture uniform and smooth. What made this bowl of garlic rice stand out was how fragrant it was. Some people may describe garlic to be pungent but I believe that the incorporation of garlic in this dish would change the minds of garlic-haters. Moreover, this would be great to go with any other orders!

Seasonal Dessert of Chestnut Ice Cream – The chestnut ice creams were prettily dressed up with meringue, pistachio and crushed candied walnuts! Interesting conglomeration of textures and thankfully, the dessert was not too sweet.

In all honesty, I felt that the prices at Hide Yamamoto (ala carte) were really reasonable, considering the reputation of the restaurant and supreme quality and tastes. The service crew were attentive and had anticipated our needs. It was a very memorable experience and I was truly impressed by the dishes delivered.

Hide Yamamoto
#02-05, Marina Bay Sands Casino
10 Bayfront Avenue
Tel: 6688 7098


One Comment Add yours

  1. KP says:

    Must order dish for me…
    1. Chawanmushi (Black Truffle Flan, Sea Urchin and snow crab) must try
    2. Truffle Edamame
    3. Shabu wagyu (come in soup with wasabi)
    4. Chicken skewered with lemon grass
    5. Snow Crab and Mushroom Clay Pot Rice with Ankake Sauce Truffle Flavor, can try. Keep it in the pot for a while first before consuming to taste the “burnt” rice…
    6. Cesar salad, different from conventional…can try…
    7. Got $ to spare? Try fatty tuna sashimi…$65 for 3 pieces…taste exactly like wagyu…

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