Bijin Nabe at Tsukada Nogo Restaurant @ Plaza Singapura

Bijin Nabe, or 美人锅 in Chinese, is a combination of vegetables, seafood and free-range (kampong) chicken in the Golden Jidori Chicken Soup, derived by stewing chicken bones for over 8 hours. The soup is regularly trasported from their very own farms in Japan and beauty-lovers will be happy to know that the hotpot comes with a healthy dose of collagen – a key ingredient to having beautiful skin. At $25 per person (min. 2 pax), the hotpot is inclusive 14 types of hotpot dishes, including noodles. Please note that the hotpot is available only for dinner. I was here on 2 occasions – both of which I failed to make onto the waiting list. As the restaurant space is tiny, I suggest you reach at 6pm sharp in order to eliminate any waiting.

Fresh Salmon Spring Roll ($7) – I know how the rolls look really plump with large chunks of salmon, but the rawness of the vegetables really turned me off. Moreover, with the sweet and spicy sauce, this dish would more likely be served in a Vietnamese restaurant than a Japanese.

The hotpot arrived with collagen pudding, which would melt to become the Golden Jidori Chicken broth!

The ingredients for the hotpot are served in a bamboo container, including Minced Chicken in wooden spatula, Yellow Zucchini, Lady’s Finger, Watermelon Radish, Baby Corn, Deep-fried Tofu, Sunflower Sprout, Fresh Black Fungus, Lettuce, Golden Mushrooms, Baby Sweet Potato Leaves and Whole Shrimps. All in all, the ingredients are extremely fresh and healthy!

A whole chicken went into the hotpot and the service staff would let you have a cup of the collagen soup before adding the rest of the ingredients. Rest assure that you will be pampered by the service staff, who does the full works for you. Now, for the verdict of the soup – it’s MIND-BLOWING. Seriously mind-blowingly good and addictive. The broth was sweet and rich and flavorsome. You wouldn’t bear to leave the restaurant without finishing the entire pot of soup – for me at least. In fact, I was already planning my next trip here before I paid the bill. 😛

Beauty in a pot!

There were 3 types of noodles to choose from – Thin Egg Noodle, Thick Mochi-Mochi Noodle and Rice Noodle. Pictured above is the Thick Mochi-Mochi Noodle, which basically tasted like ramen noodles. It was springy and went well with the rich broth.

A cute surprise at the end of the meal to thank customers!

The service staff subsequently handed us name- cards and I was taken aback. I mean which restaurant does that unless you’re the manager/captain? Upon scrutinizing the card, it’s actually a ‘coupon’ for your return visit! How innovative!

For hotpot lovers, Bijin Nabe is a must-try as the broth is one of the most amazing Japanese creation. It will definitely be well worth your effort in the attempt of savouring it!


Tsukada Nogo Restaurant
#03-81, Plaza Singapura
Tel: 9129 0244


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