Thanying Thai Restaurant @ Amara Hotel

Thanying, named after the noble lady, first set foot in Singapore in 1988 – which means that this year marks its 25th year of serving authentic Thai food, fit for royalty. The restaurant has been meticulously decorated to evoke impressions of Thailand in diners. The fondest memory of Thanying when I was a kid had to be their signature dessert buffet and fish maw soup! Read on to find out more!

Thai-inspired interior designs as mentioned. The beautiful setup in the background is actually the dessert buffet!

One more shot!

Lemongrass Tea ($6) – If you’re a fan of lemongrass tea, you have to try theirs. It was strongly infused with lemongrass scent and thankfully, not too sweet. Starting the meal with a cup of lemongrass helped awaken my tastebuds.

Boneless Chicken Wings stuffed w Minced Chicken & Thai Herbs ($18) – A crowd-pleaser, these chicken wings had been diligently deboned and stuffed with meaty delights. The skin was crispy, encasing some very well-seasoned minced meat. I love the use of Thai herbs which were not at all overpowering, yet creating really unique flavours. A must-order I would say!

Deep-fried Spring Rolls (8 pieces/$16) – Served straight from the wok, the spring-roll skin cracked upon eating, revealing strands of vermicelli and black fungus. Similarly, the spring-rolls were extremely flavourful – nothing you get from those Chinese take-outs.

Tom Yam Goong [Thai Spicy Prawn Soup w Mushroom, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Lemongrass & Chilli] ($10) – I like my tomyam without coconut milk, in order to taste the unadulterated essence of the herbs. Though it may not be as spicy as expected, I appreciate the intensity of flavours and the freshness of prawns.

Thai Teochew Fish Maw Soup w Chicken, Crabmeat & Died Shitake Mushroom ($16) – This used to be my favourite soup when I was too young to be acquainted with chilli. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it as much as I love my Tom Yum Goong! The fluffy fish maw occupied more than half the bowl, and there was a certain sense of accomplishment felt just by scooping those huge morsels.

Thai Favourite Smoked Pork Rib marinated w Honey ($18) – This dish may look mediocre, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The ribs were unexpectedly tender, with the addition of honey lending some sweetness to them.

Steamed Seabass w Preserved Plum, Garlic, Ginger, Spring Onion & Assorted Vegetables w Special Spicy Sauce ($35) – Another must-order as this was by far the best Thai steamed fish I’ve had yet. The gravy over the fish was so amazing, you could drink it on its own. It was tangy, spicy and heavily-spiked with herbs. With a burner underneath, the soup was consistently kept warm. The seabass was huge and steamed to perfection with its tender and soft meat. You can rest assure that there will not be any fishy taste!

Thai Pineapple Fried Rice w Sliced Chicken topped w Pork Floss ($15) – The pineapple rice was served in a whole pineapple, so please excuse my photo, which was taken after it had been portioned out. A classic Thai dish, this would be the exemplar to determine the standards of a Thai restaurant and I’m glad that Thanying passed the test with flying colours. 

Each dish came together with various types of chilli sauces! Well, a heaven for chilli-lovers!

Now, on to the most exciting part of the meal – desserts! Enjoy the many photos ahead!

Huge array of fruits and Thai desserts!

Intricately-carved watermelon.

I loved how the colourful jelly roses were placed in the centre of each plate.

I had my pomelo crave fixed here – where they were all peeled and intact.

Thai Dessert Buffet ($9/person) – Aren’t the desserts simply beautiful? I couldn’t stop taking enough photographs of these delicate sweet treats – I only wished Instagram existed when I was young. My favourites include the pink coconut jelly, moulded into a roses, durian cake and sweet corn pandan jelly. Also, their grass jelly was superb!

After all these years, I sincerely felt that the tastes of their food did not change one bit. They stayed true to their traditions – which was already the best in my opinion. If you’re looking for an authentic Thai fare, Thanying would be my top pick and in my opinion, the prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of food and service provided.


Thanying Thai Restaurant
Level 2, Amara Hotel
165 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Tel: 6222 4688


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