Crab in Da Bag @ East Coast Big Splash

When I first saw the restaurant, it immediately reminded me of the ones I’ve been to in Florida last year! Located along East Coast Park, the pillar with a huge logo of Crab in Da Bag probably is the most prominent feature here – also a typical one in the States. As you may know, East Coast Park has numerous seafood restaurants and the selling point of Crab in Da Bag is, well, literally what you read from its name.

Consisting of wooden furnitures, the restaurant is themed to the nautical style with lots of whites and blues.

Huge, long rolls of paper to be laid across your table – yes it’s gonna get messy!

They even have a bib prepared for you! Crab in Da Bag has geared its menu towards communal style, whereby you get your hands dirty while sharing buckets of seafoods with your friends and family.

Sweet Potato Fries ($7) – A great side to go with the wonderful sauces in your seafood!

Over here, your orders will arrive in huge buckets, bundled in clear bags and exposed on your table. Just a quick share, there are 4 types of sauces altogether that you can choose from, from a selection of shellfish, including Boston Lobster, King Crab Legs and so on. Furthermore, there are 3 levels of spiciness to suit your preference.

Prawns in Garlic Butter Sauce ($20) – Prawns go best with garlic and butter in my opinion, hence this was a perfect combination! The prawns were extremely fresh, juicy and rather big in size. Highly valuable for money, I’d recommend this to start!

Clams in Garlic Butter Sauce ($13) – Somehow the sauce had overpowered the natural sweetness and flavours of the clams, which made them much less enjoyable than the prawns. Furthermore, most of the clam shells were empty and we had to fish through heaps of garlic for the clam meat (pun unintended).

Sri Lankan Crab in Caboodle Mix [Combi of cajun spices, garlic, butter] ($38) – The star of the night, our huge crab attracted much envious stares from adjacent tables! The crab was larger than expected and the meat was firm, chunky and oh-so-satisfying. The sauce was savory and spice-laden, with an Asian flavour to it. I wouldn’t say it’s a must-try but it did go pretty well with the crab,which needed a stronger-tasting sauce to penetrate.

Only shellfish is served, so do not bring anyone who’s allergic to seafood here!

Fruity Boat ($5) – A unique, old-school dessert, I really liked the longan jelly which brought a refreshing taste to the mouth after all that garlic! Sadly though, the honeydew was not ripe enough to be served.

Crab in Da Bag has a fresh and innovative concept which unsurprisingly drew many seafood lovers. That said, I do hope that they come up with new flavours from time to time in order to spice up the menu, which could get too repetitive after the first visit.


Crab in Da Bag
#01-25, Playground @ Big Splash
902 East Coast Parkway
Tel: 64400083


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  1. If I ever dine here I’ll have to smuggle my own cutlery XD

    1. foodiepink says:

      The restaurant is well-equipped with sinks, hand wash and napkins!!! Use your hands or you won’t get your crabmeat. 😛

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