Mezza9 @ Grand Hyatt Hotel

Mezza9 has been around for the longest time I can remember. According to my mum, back in its hey-days, Mezza9 was one of the few fine-dining restaurants in Singapore and had seen many rich and famous. A multi-concept restaurant, it offers numerous cuisines under one roof, including Japanese, Italian and Chinese! The space is divided into different open kitchens where diners will be able to witness the chefs in action. From where I was seated, the kitchen in front was the Chinese kitchen. Let’s just say that the entire meal was filled with sounds of huge woks scraping over noisy stoves and loud overhead chimneys.

Warm bread with the Mezza9‘s signature tomato salsa sauce!

Fruit De Mer Platter on Ice [Serves 2 – Half boston lobster, seasonal oysters, clams, mussels, tiger prawns, mud crab, king crab legs, lemon, chilli sauce, cocktail sauce, aioli] ($96) – This platter is highly value-for-money considering the fact that they charge $76 for a Whole Boston Lobster! It was a seafood feast with all possible shellfish I could think of in this platter. The seafoods were extremely fresh and meaty. The aioli sauce had a little tinge of vinegar, which somehow elevated the sweetness in the seafood. A must-order at Mezza9!

Spare Rib Soup, Black Bean, Lotus Root, Red Dates ($14) – I found this too bitter, with an unpleasant taste of Chinese herbs.
Boston Lobster Bisque, Cognac, Whipped Cream ($22) – I concluded that the chefs do their seafoods really well. The lobster bisque was fantastic – light and creamy at the same time, the broth was bursting with lobster flavours and if you would scroll down and look at the photo below, a whole lobster claw and a chunk of lobster meat was a much treasured find in my soup!

Boston Lobster Bisque, Cognac, Whipped Cream

Beancurd w Braised Yam, Mushroom, Fermented Bean Paste ($18) – A dish that would have been perfect with a bowl of rice. The beancurd was smooth and silky, which contrasted well with the crunchy black fungus and firm yam sticks. A simple, yet unique dish in its own right.

Half Chicken, Rosemary, Thyme, Mustard ($28) – The dish was visually uninspiring and unfortunately, so was the taste. The chicken was too dry and basically over-cooked. Also, what I found unacceptable was that the wild rocket salad on the side came with absolutely no dressing. Seriously?

Bourbon Vanilla Custard, Hibiscus Tea Jelly, Raspberries ($16) – A stunning plate of berries dessert. I really liked the combination of jelly and custard, which would melt in your mouth entirely. The generous amount of raspberries were juicy and sweet. Very beautifully done.

Coconut Ice Cream ($5) – This was a little too heavy with coconut milk – not the way I’d like my coconut ice cream to be.

With the array of choices and cuisines, it is not difficult to understand why Mezza9 is so popular up till today. Also, I felt that service was outstanding, with their team of friendly and warm service staff. Great for celebrations and even business lunches (check out their great lunch set deals!), I am confident that Mezza9 will be able to satisfy all tastebuds and suit all occasions!


Grand Hyatt Singapore Hotel, Level 2
10 Scotts Rd
Tel: 6730 7188


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