Magosaburou BBQ @ Ion Orchard

I’ve always wondered what was hiding behind the long corridor from the entrance between Jones the Grocer and another Japanese restaurant at ION, Level 4. From its posters, I could guess that they serve prime, premium beef from Japan. A quick glance at their menu, the pricing sure daunted me and urged me to back away. Recently, I’ve decided to unravel the mystery behind Magosaburou. The photo above was actually taken from its main entrance at Level 5, tucked away at the back of the ION carpark.

After narrow passageways and some flights of stairs, I was greeted with the interior facade of the ION building. I would not consider the restaurant to be big, but enough for their staff to anticipate the needs of diners well. Service was pretty memorable, partly due to the large ratio of staff to diners.

Salmon Roll w Lime Dressing ($16) – A refreshing combination of fresh salmon, crunchy vegetables and delicious dressing. I would definitely recommend this to start!

Rib Eye w Bone/120g ($20) – The highly-prized beef was indeed highly-priced. This was the cheapest portion of beef we could order and after portioning them out, we could not really tell what we were eating. Basically, we tried savouring every ounce of meat, yet it would be gone after 2 bites. That said, the meat was no doubt of high quality and we certainly wished we could afford more. The sauces that went with them were superb – enhancing the marinades in the meat greatly. We even poured the remaining sauces into our rice!

Classic Korean Spicy Soup in a Burning Hot Stone Bowl ($18) – This had tofu and clams in it! It seemed to me that the restaurant serves a fusion of both Japanese and Korean cuisines. Though the broth may not be as traditional as those you find in Korean restaurants, they leaned towards sweetness more than spiciness, which was nonetheless enjoyable. The clams were huge (but only 4 of them) and the tofu slices were extremely silky and soft. A burning bowl of comfort food!

Garlic Rice w Salmon ($10) – Though the portion seemed small, it was just right for 2 girls. Each grain of rice was fluffy and chewy, packed with the aromas of garlic!

It was desserts time and the service staff presented to us the desserts of the day! All of them looked so good, it was a real hard time deciding. We succumbed and went ahead with 3 out of the 5 desserts, omakase style!

Omakase Desserts ($25) – The chef would pick 3 out of the 5 desserts of the day, so you wouldn’t have to crack your head over which to order! In the end, we were served Panna Cotta, Green Tea Crème Brûlée and Blood Orange Jelly in the end! Not only were these treats aethetically-pleasing and instagram-worthy, they tasted delectable. The Crème Brûlée was the favourite of the threesome as there was a thick layer of caramelised sugar, of which you would crack into a green pudding. The jelly gained my vote for uniqueness as its texture was pretty mind-blowing.

I have decided that the next time I’m back at Magosaburuo, I’ll be omitting their BBQ items unless I have a few hundreds to spare. To be honest, their ala-carte items were very reasonably-priced considering its quality. Having desserts here is a must too!


#04-11A & #05-01 ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Tel: 6634 1411


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