Weekend High Tea: Equinox @ Swissôtel

Equinox is famous for its sky-high views from level 69 and I was here on a Saturday for their weekend high tea – buffet style. I can’t remember the last time I had a buffet for tea since all the chi-chi high tea sets come in a bird cage or at least, non-refillable. At $42++ per person, I would say that it’s not that bad a deal, since the price point is comparable to other 5-star hotels. Please note that the high tea buffet is available from 3.30pm-5.30pm on weekends.

One of the many tables by the window, boasting unhindered view of our iconic landmarks.

This view becomes more enthralling when night falls.

Only TWG teabags (loose tealeaves option is available at an extra charge) are used to have the ultimate high-tea experience!

Moving down the buffet line, we saw the usual munchies such as sausages, curry puffs and chicken pies – all of which I skipped.

Breaded Prawns – I kept returning for these as the crust was light, crispy and addictive! As the prawns were spread out like butterflies, every inch of the seafood was covered with bread crumbs, which I believe will be approved by tonkatsu-lovers.

Kueh Pie Tee – A local favourite that requires tedious amount of shredding and cooking time. I liked how the vegetables were thoroughly cooked and soft, though the taste of dried shrimps was a little too distinct.


Next to the rather uninspiring bread baskets was the soup section, serving Duck Soup. I remembered it being a comforting bowl of hot soup – something traditional which would have been made by your mum/grandmother.

Fish Porridge with Condiments – The porridge greatly exceeded my expectations with its richly-infused flavours. The fish was shredded into tiny pieces, literally peppering through the rice grains. With the addition of your favourite condiment(s), you may be tempted to have more than 1 bowl. Not surprisingly, the whole pot soon emptied towards the end of the buffet.

Laska – Simply delicious. The gravy was aromatic and heavy with seasonings, in a good way of course. This one too, was wiped out nearing the end of high tea and the reason behind its popularity is pretty obvious!

The Mezzanine floor, was where we saw the ‘lighter’ food and the array of desserts awaiting. Ham with Truffle Mushroom Sauce – The ham was tender and the sauce was the perfect partner to it, without being overly creamy!

Prata with Curry

Cold Cuts & Pickles

Salad Bar

Finger Sandwiches – These are the classic food items that make up a legit high tea session.

Japanese Sushi – I assure that you’ll be spoilt for choice as there were endless possibilities (almost) to their sushi variation! However, I noted that hot favourites like Salmon Sushi were the ones to fly off the bento boxes.

Juice Section – Apart from fruit juices, there were unique concoctions of fruit teas (fruit juices+ TWG teas) that I absolutely loved. My favourite was their TWG tea with Raspberry Juice. It was sweet with a slight tang, comprising of a taste that I haven’t so far encountered. Upon my first sip, my senses were jolted and I was pretty intrigued by this beautiful combination.

Thank goodness I grabbed my bowl of Laska quickly!

When the crowd starts moving towards the Dessert Section, you know you have to act fast. Over here, we have scones (another high-tea classic) and egg tarts.

Western Pastries and Nonya Kueh-Kuehs – looks like we have a winner here.

More bite-sized pastries and cakes! The more memorable was their coconut-passionfruit cake (top right) which was delicate and light.


Fondue Bar & Movenpick Ice Cream Sections

With so much alluring food offered for midday, you have to strategise well since you can’t possibly try everything. I have to commend on the spread and the food quality, yet the crowd was somewhat intimidating. At around 3pm, diners are waiting at the ground floor lobby to Equinox, yet the restaurant has a strict policy of no entry until 3.30pm. When the buffet commenced, long human chains began forming at the start of the buffet line. However, empty plates are continuously being topped up by the kitchen. Let’s just say, do prepare yourself mentally for the dash and prior booking would be wise!

Level 69, Swissôtel The Stamford Singapore
2 Stamford Road
Tel: 6338 8585


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Food Esteem says:

    nice view, yummy food 🙂

  2. Hilda Fernandez says:

    Can I putchase a hi-tea voucher for 2 pax for the weekend?If so what the valid period?

    1. foodiepink says:

      Hi Hilda, I’m not too sure about this – better to call up and double-check! 🙂

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