Pete’s Place @ Grand Hyatt Hotel

Hidden in the basement of Grand Hyatt Hotel, Pete’s Place is one of the oldest restaurants in Singapore. It may have been forgotten through these years; yet with the return of old-school restaurants, Pete’s Place has definitely made the mark. This is also where you can still find huge, hearty portions of authentic Italian food. On Monday-Thursday nights, their value-for-money Pete’s Dinner Sets are at $41++, including free-flow salad bar, bread selection, assorted handmade pastas and any pizza, as well as dessert-of-the-day! In my review below, I have included ala-carte prices of each dish and unless stated, the dish is not available for the set.

Photographs that had clearly gone through the testimony of time.

Its interior was full of rustic charms. A quick glance at the partially open kitchen would find a number of chefs in their 50s, whom I believe had dedicated themselves to the restaurant all these years.

Buffet di Insalate [Create your own salads, selection of condiments & dressings] ($20/Included w set) -A good array of condiments I would say, though I wouldn’t pay $20 for it if it wasn’t in my set.

Bread Selection w Assorted Butter & Balsamic Vinegar – There was a decent variety of bread and what really impressed me was their unique flavours of butter, including Sundried Tomato Butter and Herbs Butter, both of which were delicious!

Minestrone ($10) – Served piping hot, this was a perfect dish that brought back memories of childhood when minestrone was the only soup I drank. The broth was rich with the essence of tomatoes and vegetables were cut out in rough chunks, boiled till soft. The addition of pesto sauce was a nice touch!

Burrata [Burrata cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes, young basil] ($22) – Simple yet fantastic.

Parma Ham & Rock Melon – Yet another foolproof Italian classic!

Proscuitto Pizza [Parma ham, rocket leaves] ($25/$41 w set) – The pizzas were all baked in a firewood oven which made them all the more authentic! The dough was however a little too dry for me.

Cioppino [Spaghetti, lobster, seafood] ($42) – This pasta dish is not available as a set and it’s not difficult to understand why. There was half a lobster, lots of prawns and scallops within. The gravy was impeccable as the goodness from the lobster shell and meat had penetrated through distinctly. Though this probably looks like those run-of-the-mill tomato sauce, it was truly far from that. Again, I’d just like to emphasise that all pasta noodles here are made in-house, which all the more compelled me to appreciate the pastas at Pete’s Place!

Polpette Di Carne [Parpadelle, homemade meatballs, vine-ripened tomatoes, onion ragu] ($29/$41 w set) – This was my choice of pasta and nowhere else could make their meatballs better I bet! There were 6 huge, densely-packed meatballs on my plate, aptly accompanied by the thick-cut parpadelle. The parpadelle was extremely al-dente, complementing the soft and chewy meatballs wonderfully. The rich tomato sauce, full of herbs, bound the entire dish seamlessly. This is one of those dishes that you’ll try as much to finish, even though you probably got stuffed halfway through.

Gamberi [Linguine, seared prawns, chilli, parsley, olive oil] ($29/$41 w set) – The prawns were nicely seared and the sauce was light and delicate. The only complaint was that the linguine was not as al-dente.

Carbonara [Spaghetti, bacon, Parmesan, cream, egg yolk] ($28/$41 w set)

Tiramisu ($10/Included w set) – You know, we could really do without the desserts as we were bursting at our seams at this point. Well, even the tiramisu was mammoth in size! It tasted as old-school as the restuarant – was there even alcohol in it?

Chamomile Tea (Not included in set) – All the crockery are matching, right down to teapots!

Pete’s Place is great for huge gatherings and celebrations as the ambience was really cosy and warm, and the restaurant space is huge. If you’re seeking a comfort Italian fare, Pete’s Place is the answer for you!
Pete’s Place
Grand Hyatt Hotel
10 Scotts Road
Tel: 64167113


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