Earl Grey Cranberry Bread Class @ Maple & Market

For a light Sunday read, I’ve decided to review a baking class. Two months back when I first visited Maple & Market, I promised to attend a class conducted by Sarah herself and I just did so a few Sundays ago! I attended the October Bread Class and Earl Grey Cranberry Bread was my pick amongst others such as Walnut Cheese. For your information, I paid $45 for my class on a Sunday morning. Different rates apply for different classes as well as time slots (weekday/weekend). The maximum number of students can go up to 6 but I was lucky that it was just me and my partner and it felt like a private lesson!
p.s.: private lessons can be opened with a minimum of 4 people, so gather your friends and have some fun baking your own goodies!

A recipe was given at the start of the class, painstakingly hand-written by Sarah with her illustrations at the back! I was really glad that most of the ingredients had been measured and portioned out, which meant I just had to add them in according to Sarah’s instructions and special tips! Bread-making requires quite a lot of kneading, which would easily leave you with an aching arm. Well, I say press on and reap the rewards after!

I waited in intervals of half an hour twice at different stages for the dough to rise! Baking time was down to only 12 minutes though.

A photo of the ovens, just because I was inside all other kitchen photos. 😛

In no time, I saw my fluffy buns taking shape and great pride overwhelmed me! I daresay that this was a job well done, seeing that it was my first attempt at bread-making, or any form of baking for that matter!

I drizzled some liquid icing over and voila!

Happiness in a box! That’s Sarah’s illustrations on the right, so you could be sure that you wouldn’t forget what was taught in class!

Sarah was really patient and encouraging throughout the class. Without an instructor, my bread would have been a disaster, since there were several key points to be noted – it’s not just brainless mixing of ingredients. Overall, the whole 3 hours was great fun to me. I would highly recommend the baking classes here, at Maple & Market, if becoming a domestic goddess is in your agenda or you’d like to relive those masak-masak times as a legit adult. During the waits, you could grab a bowl of wanton mee at the coffeeshop next door or have some cakes at the café. I had a gorgeous Honey Chamomile Cupcake before the class commenced and I wished they had a class for them! Do check out their FB page for monthly updates of classes!

Maple & Market
34 Cassia Crescent
Tel: 6348 8068
p.s.: multi-storey public carpark available right across!


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