Hotel & Breakfast Review: Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Moscow

If you love historic, Victorian-looking buildings, you’ll fall in love with the landscape of Russia. While many of these century-old buildings still have their facade preserved, within them are the modern designs in sync with today’s times. Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow is just a stone’s throw away from the Red Square – a UNESCO Heritage Site. Yes, its location is indeed the prime of the prime. Security is a top priority of the hotel and there were metal detectors (those you see in airports) at the entrance and inside the hotel, with professional blazer-clad guards inspecting all guests. Being a six-star hotel, I would expect no less of the brand in terms of security, quality and service. Now, on to a photo tour of the hotel itself!

Main lobby – strong influences of the Royal Russian design style was obvious with large marble columns, adorned with intricate golden carvings, baroque chandeliers and plush embroidered sofas. It was a very welcoming lobby, that encompassed a fraction of the culture you, as a tourist, would be introduced to.

Welcome drinks that guests were welcomed to take.

Lift to the hotel rooms – carpets were changed each day! Simply amazing – Ritz-Carlton in Singapore doesn’t even do this!

Foyer to the hotel rooms for you to lounge around.

Study Area & TV Area.

Bed – Ritz-Carlton Hotel is known for the impeccably soft and springy mattresses, complete with fluffy comforters and pillows. Lying on the bed was akin to sinking into the clouds and floating midair. The feeling was indescribable, especially after a long and tiring day of exploring the city.

I thought the embroideries on the cushions had an uncanny resemblance to the Oriental flowers.

Fully-automated lights!

Bathroom – HUGE. Furnished with glossy wood and dark marble, it was no doubt a luxurious bathing experience.


I could just live in the toilet.

Each morning, we will head to Cafe Russe for breakfast buffet!

The interior of Cafe Russe was just as posh! American/European breakfast was served.

Yummy bacon and sausages!

Belgian Waffles.

Caprese salad.

Smoked Salmon & Smoked Butter Snapper.

Cold cuts and Parma Ham!






Fruit Salad & Yoghurts – love them!

Tomato sauce came in individual pots and breakfast was delicious and reinvigorating!

Russians call their pancakes Blinis and they are accompanied by caviars and sour cream.

I made sure I have this combination each day!

Choice of tea.

A photo of Red Square from across the hotel! I had a bird’s eye view of the landmark while dining at the hotel’s O2 Rooftop Lounge! 😉

My stay at Ritz-Carlton Moscow was truly memorable and with this, I would conclude my reviews on Russia. Russia is a country that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It may be a country that is exotic to many, but trust me, she is not much different in functions as compared to other capitals and cities. Hence, don’t be afraid be adventurous, as life is a journey afterall. In the coming year, I’ll finally be sharing the countless cafés I’ve explored in Seoul. Look forward to them!

Ritz-Carlton Moscow
Tverskaya St, 3, Moscow, Russia, 109004
Tel: +7 495 225-88-88


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