Chopsuey by PS. Café @ Dempsey

If you haven’t realised why the letters P and S are so prominent in the restaurant logo, it’s because this Asian-inspired concept café is opened by the good people behind PS. Café! Occupying the corner terrace at Dempsey Hill, there was a lush but neat foliage lining the walkway to the entrance of Chopsuey. This setting had momentarily transported me elsewhere but Singapore.

It almost felt like I was paying a visit at a friend’s house.

An Anglo-Chinese take on PS.’s signature monochrome furnishing with the rattan chairs, marble tables and porcelain vases.

Spicy sauces on old-school tin plates.

Grilled Pork & Roasted Coconut Salad ($16) – Presented in a coconut shell look-alike, I was impressed by the aesthetic value of this dish. A dash of calamansi and a good toss, you’ll be in for a treat. The pork belly were sliced up into stripes and grilled, which left them juicy and chewy. The dressing was an interesting one (almost queer), which had tastes of coconut and prawn. Somehow, something made this really addictive.

Pumpkin & Cod Dumpling ($9) – This sounded and looked interesting but in reality, it was far from that. Leave your dimsum fix to Cantonese restaurants.

Crispy Duck Pow! Pockets ($17) – Yet another visually-pleasing dish! Don’t you just want to sink your teeth into these buns? A cross breed between peking duck and pork belly bun, the steamy-hot and fluffy buns were filled to the brim with shredded duck, veggies and crispy beancurd skin! Drizzle over the sweet bean sauce for taste – though I should warn you that a small amount will do as you won’t want to get your buns too salty. A must-try at Chopsuey!

General Tso’s Chicken Drumlets ($21) – This was a perfect dish to go with rice! A quick dip in hot oil left the drumlets crispy on the outside but still tender within. The sauce was strong in terms of flavours which leaned towards the spectrum of sweet and sour.

Steamed ‘Lagsana’ of Snapper & Tofu ($19) – The name of the dish sounded fancy but really, it was just alternating layers of tofu and snapper fish. Though a delicious dish in its own right, I expected something more innovative. Homemade Soya Milk & Egg Tofu Slices could have been a wiser alternative.

Tingling Chilli Jam Prawns ($26) – I got to admit that I was bursting from all the previous dishes and I could barely stomach this, much less have any impressions of it. Granted, the prawns were huge, fresh and springy, but the homemade chilli jam did not have the kick that I was after.

Steamed Mixed Rice [Jasmine, Brown Basmati, Unpolished & Wild Rice]  ($4) – All-time favourite choice! These rice grains were chewier and harder than normal Jasmine rice but the health benefits go a long way.

Mango Cooler [Fresh Mango, Soda, Mint Leaves] – A superb drink to have on a hot day! The mango was fresh and fragrant, nicely complemented by the crushed mint leaves.

Chopsuey serves Western brunch over the weekend so if PS. Café is full (well, it always is), why not head over to their sister restaurant? I’m pretty divided with regards to the food quality as there were certainly hits and misses. The menu is creative without a doubt, but I do think that execution wise, there is still much left to be desired, for their dimsums at least.

Chopsuey Café
Block 10 Dempsey Rd
Tel: 9224 6611


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  1. Food Esteem says:

    Agree with you that the food presentation is really creative 🙂 Plus point for attracting regular and new diners!

    1. foodiepink says:

      Yep thanks for dropping by! 😀

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