Café Pushkin @ Moscow [Russia Trip]

Opened in a baroque mansion in 1999, you can say that Café Pushkin is one that is full of flavours from the past with its unique vintage decor, right down to the attires of its staff. Serving traditional Russian food, there are two floors to the restaurant where the ground floor was themed to a “Pharmacy” and the second a “Library”. You’ll find that this restaurant has been accorded a “must-visit” on many travel websites and I ensured that prior reservation was made before I took my flight out to avoid disappointment!
p.s.: prices are based on estimated exchange rate of S$1 = 25 Roubles.
Longish dining table that reminded me of how the aristocrats used to dine.

A photo tour to the second floor – the “Library”!

They love their alcohols, don’t they? I was pretty mesmerised by the decor of the entire restaurant, which had created a holistic ‘Russian experience’ in my opinion as a tourist.

Homemade Baked Pies w Mushrooms (140rb/$5.60) – These pies were so fat from the generous mushroom stuffings! I wouldn’t say that these were extraordinary but the absence of cream really made the flavours of mushrooms stand out.

Russian Dumplings stuffed w Salmon (675rb/$ 27) – These reminded me of raviolis, and really good ones for that matter. The dumplings were packed with salmon and the dumpling skin was of the optimum thickness. A light gravy was mixed in – nothing like those heavy Italian ones.

Chicken Noodle Soup (415rb/$16.60) – This pot of soup was extremely comforting and gratifying! The broth was brimming with the essence of chicken and those noodles (!) – they sure stirred up some vague memories from childhood.

Roasted Pig w Pearl Barley, Cepe Mushrooms & Sun-dried Tomatoes (1025rb/$41) – This roasted pig was done almost the same style as those we get from Cantonese restaurants! The skin cracked through when you bite into it and the pork was tender, with no fats at all. With a dollop of mustard topping the pork, the rest of the dish was rather unimpressionable.

Roasted & Smoked Sterlet w Salad Mix & White Wine Sauce (1960rb/$78.40) – If you’ve read my previous Russian posts, this hideous-looking fish will be no stranger to you! This sterlet dish was by far my favourite way of preparation. Intense flavours punctuated its meat due to the method of smoking, as well as its accompanying white wine sauce.

Dessert Café Pushkin (740rb/$29.60) – Turned out to be a dome of alternating ice cream and sponge, glazed over with dark chocolate. It’s always a novelty to experience something unique and unsurprisingly, this was wiped within a minute!

Creme Brulee w Strawberries under Caramel Dome (720rb/$28.80) – This was our exciting grand finale. Instead of traditionally torching the sugar topping on a custard pudding, a beautiful sugar dome was created and placed over a chilled pyramid pudding. The alcohol poured over the dessert really brought this popular dessert to the next level! You have to give it to them for being an expert in creme brulee!

Café Pushkin is a must visit I would say (in consensus with others)! It’s a place where you can find authentic Russian cuisine with lots of pleasant surprises and even though service at the reception was lackluster, I was glad that the rest of the service staff were friendly. Like all other restaurants, the menu was extensive and able to accommodate a range budgets!


Café Pushkin
Tverskoy Blvd, 26а, Moscow
Russia, 125009
Tel: +7 495 739-00-33


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