Shelter in the Woods @ Greenwood Avenue

Don’t you just want to head down to a safe haven, away from your daily lives’ hassles? Well, Shelter in the Woods provide just that, literally, at Greenwood Avenue! You will not find run-of-the-mill dishes here, and pay attention rum lovers, they have many unique flavours that are all home-brewed, as well as an extensive wine menu.

The shelvings made of wooden planks reminded me of wine cartons – very apt.

Bare walls and Goldilock-like chairs found within the restaurant. Somehow the whole environment felt very safe and familiar; modern yet cosy at the same time.

Duck Rillette w Pickles ($13) – Remember those chicken mayo croissants from Delifrance? Those were my childhood favourite and this certainly reminded me of them, of course with chunkier duck meat instead. The duck was very well-seasoned and there was no gamey taste to it at all! It went very nicely with the warm toasted baguette slices and salad too.

Gratinated Clams w Truffled Garlic & Parsley Butter ($15) – A new addition to the menu, this is a must-try! It was my first time having clams gratinated and it was a pleasant surprise to see how this dish turned out to be (visually). The seasonings were spread across the shells and as you scoop the clam meat out, you’ll be digging into a whole spoonful of seafood goodness! The play in textures was well-executed too.

Tarte Flambee ($10) – This may look like a simple thin-crust pizza but the sauce was extraordinary. The bacon toppings were just as addictive!

Crispy Skin Suckling Pig Marinated w “Aromates” ($37) – My favourite dish of the night was this precious plate of suckling pig that comes in limited portions! The skin was extremely crispy and fragrant while the meat was tender and moist. More importantly, the accompanying sauce was packed with lots of great herbs, hence enhancing the meat flavours. Also stealing the spotlight was the mashed potato – almost Robuchon standard I would say. It was exceedingly, supremely, extraordinarily creamy and velvety – so much so that I wished I could feed you out of this screen since I cannot possibly describe how good it was adequately.  Promise that you won’t leave Shelter in the Woods without giving this a try?

Baby Poussin w Special House-made Provencal Spice Mix ($28) – I thought this was similar to the previous dish in terms of taste, barring the use of chicken here. If you’re not a fan of pork, this would be a great alternative as the baby chicken had really juicy and succulent meat!

Grilled Asparagus & Melted Parmesan Cheese ($9) – Somehow this combination did not work out well for me. I’ll probably get their gratinated mac & cheese side the next time!

Lemon Tart w Meringue ($9) – Such a pretty tart to look at! A great balance in sweetness and tartness was achieved in this lemon tart – something that has not quite been grasped by most bakeries. The ratio of sweet torched meringue and sour lemon custard was just right in my opinion.

Artisanal Tiramisu ($12) – Not the best I’ve had, but still very decent with its moist shortbread and huge portion!

Shelter in the Woods has definitely proven that dishes can be innovative yet familiar at the same time – well a pizza just became an appetiser afterall. I suppose not only Spaniards are able to prepare delicious suckling pigs – go chase after those pigs already!

Shelter in the Woods
22 Greenwood Avenue
Tel: 6466 6225


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