Brunch: House @ Dempsey

I reviewed about the Vintage Tea Party at House quite some time back when I first started Foodiepink. However, as House has been a perennial favourite among brunch goers, I’ve decided to head down to House once again for Sunday brunch after realising that I’ve been missing out on my taro, pumpkin and carrot fries all this while! House is certainly a very laid-back and whimsical place for Sunday mornings, sans the brunch crowd and possible full-house situations.

Like I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I really liked the entire decor of House – one that finds perfection in nonuniformity and vintage flavours.

I requested for a table by the window, looking out to the lush greenery.
Asparagus, Serrano Ham & Crumbed Egg ($24) – It’s definitely a dish to share as it could be rather heavy and monotonous if you finish the entire plate yourself, but I’m loving it. Asparagus and pork is a fool-proof duo and the star of the dish must be the crumbed egg. Encasing the ramen-egg-runny egg was a tonkatsu crust that was light and crispy. If you break it with a fork, the yolk runs out to moisten the rest of the ingredients. Talk about egg porn!

Pearl Barley Salad ($15) – I thought this was really healthy dish and I felt good eating this. As for my mum, it was too bland… and too healthy.

Pumpkin Hazelnut Fries ($12) – I don’t mind having these replace the existence of french fries. Cut into thick chunks, the pumpkin slices were generously drenched with batter and heavily seasoned with some very addictive spices, such as paprika which added a little heat. I really need to head back to try their carrot and taro fries; move aside truffle fries!

Very Berry Stuffed French Toast ($19) – Boxed (literally) within the bread was a bed of multiple berries stuffing that were bound together by what I believe to be yoghurt (or cream?). Just imagine having berry yoghurt with french toast – great brunch dish isn’t it? Pour over the maple syrup for the full effects – the best way to have this dish is to get messy!


Watermelon Mint Juice ($8) – Such a perk-me-up!

House will leave you feeling satisfied and if you’re meeting up with friends, it has a great environment that encourages you to chat away. Moreover, their brunch menu is extensive and many of the dishes would be what I deem fun! The downside however is their rather steep pricing, which is not exactly a problem if you’re feeling generous, or simply meet up with your bunch of friends for brunch next time round!


House @ Dempsey
8D Dempsey Rd
Singapore 249672
Tel: 6475 7787


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  1. adel says:

    rather interesting brunch offerings, which is great…i’m getting cloyed by Eggs Benedicts seen across all brunch houses and feeds on the weekend mornings 🙂

    1. foodiepink says:

      Hi Adel, yep House has lots of very unique creations that are worth a visit! 😀

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