Bolshoi Restaurant @ Moscow [Russia Trip]

Deemed to be a top-5 restaurant in Moscow, Bolshoi Restaurant is housed just behind the iconic Bolshoi Theatre and it sure looks as grand as its reputation. Located just a few blocks down from Vogue Café, Bolshoi is centrally located, near the Red Square. A modern take on Russian cuisine, the chefs at Bolshoi successfully brought traditional Russian food up a notch with their modest interpretations, all the while maintaining their heritage. I’m glad to share that the quality of food lived up to our expectations and it was one of the most memorable meals of my trip in Russia!
p.s.: prices are based on estimated exchange rate of S$1 = 25 Roubles.

A very clean but opulent design.

Bread Basket – Not a fan of hard rolls, I was digging into the dense and soft bread encased within its hard crust.

Complimentary Clam Soup – Not your usual clam chowder, the cream was thin and there wasn’t any clam meat within. Yet, all the clam goodness could be tasted. This dish should be renamed as the Essence of Clams! I loved the pinch of dill tips atop my broth too.

Blue Fin Tuna Tatar w Avocado (1100rb/$44) – This was a huge slab of tuna tartare that tasted velvety on the tongue, breaming with freshness from the sea.

Grilled Artichokes w Mozzarella & White Truffle Vinaigrette (1550rb/$62) – I thought very little of the artichokes and ended up regretting not taking a nice photo of the dish before it was dug into. I’ve always related artichokes to really sour vegetables (I know right…), that are usually pickled and boy, I was wrong. Dressed with the gorgeous white truffle vinaigrette, the artichokes had absorbed all the wonderful flavours. When accompanied by the cheese, the contrast in hardness was perfect. I could never forget how aromatic the dressing was – everyone just wanted a piece of everything.

Schi Russian Cabbage Soup (400rb/$16) – This was the real deal – the best vegetables soup I’ve had! The soup tasted extremely clean, pure and pleasant. I was amazed that there was no addition of meat to the broth. Also, this was rather unexpected of Russian food as they love rich and heavy food. Definitely a modern Schi!

Potato Pancake w Salmon, Beluga Caviar & Sour Cream (2500rb/$100) – The dollop of caviar probably explained the exorbitant price for a seemingly ordinary pancake. When served, we thought that the kitchen had left out the salmon. However, upon cutting it up, we had a mini surprise which I found to be really innovative! And yes, it was an exquisite dish, wiped out in seconds.
Gnocchi w Lobster, Tomato Sauce & Herbs (1550rb/$62) – An aesthetically-pleasing dish, it tasted no less marvelous. 
Sweet Glazed Baby Chicken w Green Salad, Rosemary & Coriander (900rb/$36) – Judging by the looks of it, you could tell how delicious it was going to be and it sure didn’t disappoint. The size of the chicken was optimum, resulting in tender and succulent meat that had been marinated thoroughly. The key to the dish was in fact the gravy drizzled over the chicken, which had a refreshing flavour from the herbs and some sweetness to it.
Complimentary Passionfruit Vanilla Pudding
Petit Fours

Blood Orange & Lemon Sobert – Very, very decent.
Coconut Ice Cream Coated Assorted Chocolate – Though the ice cream may not be favourite, it was an interesting combination with the chocolates!

The people got it right. Bolshoi Restaurant has to be at the top of your list if you’re planning to visit Moscow! The entire dining experience was nothing less than perfect; there was absolutely nothing I could nitpick about. The staff were very attentive and there was even a nice Korean waiter (/hottie) – I mean it’s always a comfort to see familiar (SEAsian) faces in foreign countries. In fact, I’ll go as far to say that Bolshoi is a proof of how modern Russia has come to be.


Bolshoi Restaurant
Ulitsa Petrovka 3/6, Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7 (495) 789 86 52


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rod says:

    Bolshoi has to be in the top 3 restaurants in Moscow, the setting and location are perfect the staff are very warm friendly and attentive and the food well, the term quality not quantity comes to mind every dish is perfectly sized and delicious!!!! I spent seven nights in Moscow which is a beautiful city and I am glad I came across Bolshoi as I spent most evening there with my Russian fiancé we loved the outside section and the food even mor and to top it all and being an English guy they know how to make a perfect Gin and Tonic ,I promise if you visit Moscow and don’t try the scallops on Bolshoi you have missed a dining experience not to be forgotten !!!!

    1. foodiepink says:

      Hi Rod, great to hear that you had a great experience there too and thanks for sharing it with me! 🙂

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