Trattoria L’Operetta @ Tanjong Katong

Just a stone’s throw away from where I stay is Tanjong Katong Road, a stretch where many great restaurants can be found! My family loves going to the Italian restaurants here (there’re at least 3 along the same road) for an awesome and hearty meal, and the bonus is that no one will be judging you even if you’re in T-shirts and shorts. In this post, I’ll be introducing L’Operetta, which has their very own wood-fired oven to bring to you the most authentic Italian food possible.

L’Operetta has an extremely cosy and homely feel in my opinion, which is great for family gatherings. Rows of wine bottles lined the walls and I really liked the exposed bricks and domed ceilings. In fact, the wooden chairs reminded me of those illustrated in children’s books! Service staff are warm and welcoming, and from where I was seated at, I could witness the chefs busy at work from the partially open kitchen.

Bread Basket – We waited quite some time before being served with our bread basket and the reason? They were probably doughs sitting in the oven while we were waiting. I can’t fully describe how delicious they were fresh-out-of-oven, but they were soft, hot and irresistible! 😀

Soup of the Day: Mushroom Soup ($10) – The soup was served piping hot, masked completely with the organic taste of mushrooms. It tasted immensely pure and the cream foam contrasted well with the slightly-thick soup. I was impressed by the texture of the soup as it was smooth, yet a little bumpy on the tongue from the mushroom bits. Very well done indeed!

Oven-Baked Stuffed Squid ($22) – I thought only Japanese stuff their squids but stuffed squid Italian-style is clearly the winner. The fillings were soft (not mushy) and fresh, which went well with the springy squid. Even though this was oven-baked, there was a nice grill taste to it. A must-try!

Grilled Prawns Wrapped w Proscuitto ($24) – Sometimes ordering prawns may be risky as they might either be overcooked or simply not fresh enough. At L’Operetta however, I was pleasantly surprised. The prawns were exceedingly fresh, with a nice, smokey flavour from the grill, which only enhanced the freshness of the prawns. The prawns tasted like they were freshly-caught and BBQ-ed on the spot. Wrapping them with parma ham was a smart move since meat over grill is everyone’s favourite sans vegetarians. If there was one thing I have to criticise – I have no idea what those beans were doing there.

Cold Capellini w Fresh Hokkaido Uni & Basil ($19) – A seasonal dish that I was lucky enough to try! I’m a fan of sea urchins and having them air-flown straight from Hokkaido is a luxury. A well-executed dish as the basil-pesto sauce was a perfect partner to the creamy and subtle uni. The use of cream sauce would have overpowered the delicateness of the seafood while tomato-based sauce would have added redundant sweetness. This is a starter that I wouldn’t mind having over and over again. Chilled forks were specially prepared for this dish – very thoughtful of the restaurant!

Bufala Pizza [Tomato Sauce, Basil, Parmesan Mozzarella of Bufala] ($23) – An authentic Italian flavour that may seem to be a simple dish but really, a key to finding out how good its crust stands. The crust was not too thick and rather chewy, just the way I like it done. The tomato sauce was true to its flavours and had added a nice layer of moister to the crust. The cheese was perfect in its gooey state but way too little as there were slices without any!

Homemade Tagliatelle w Baby Scallops & Green Asparagus in Saffron Cream Sauce ($25) – Homemade pastas are always good and I got the chef to change it to tomato-based sauce instead, due to my mum’s preference. I thought that saffron cream sauce would be interesting though! The amount of baby scallops was generous and bound to please.

Blood Orange, Passionfruit & Lemon Soberts ($9) – Lemon sobert was the favourite of the lot!

Tiramisu ($9) – They changed their recipe and unfortunately, not for the better. The clumps and mascarpone and cream didn’t work well for me.

L’Operetta is one restaurant that shouldn’t be missed if you love hearty Italian food! All of their starters sounded really unique and mouth-watering so I’d say save the carbs for another day and head for them instead. Though prices may be a little steep considering its location, the quality you’re paying for will be worth it.

Trattoria L’Operetta
244 Tanjong Katong Road
Tel: 6440 9322


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