L’Europe Restaurant @ Grand Hotel Europe, St. Petersburg [Russia Trip]

Dining at L’Europe Restaurant allows you to experience history that dates back to 1896, when it first opened. Situated in 6-Star Hotel, Grand Hotel Europe, this restaurant has retained its original interiors since 1905 when it first reopened as the very first restaurant that boasts electric light in Russia. Seated at the very same table back in 1914, you would have witnessed the great families of Russia next to you, including Rasputin who had entertained aristocrat ladies in the private boxes upstairs regularly. Today, L’Europe is protected by the Russian government as a national monument. Indeed, with live music playing throughout the night (daily), it was an evening well spent. L’Europe’s Degustation Menu was the choice for our dinner, priced at 4500rb per person or S$180 per person.
p.s.: prices are based on estimated exchange rate of S$1 = 25 Roubles.

Elegant cutlery with 3 white candles flickering to the music.

Bread trolley – the white-glove service was appreciated.

Fruits on Ice which did little to impress.

Egg in Egg [Egg filled w truffle flavoured scrambled egg topped w 5g oscietra caviar] – Easily the best egg I’ve ever eaten, the first teaspoonful flew me straight up to heaven! Presentation-wise, the dish looked so fabulous and precious that every mouthful was greatly treasured. This was the smoothest scrambled egg I’ve had, yet not to the point that it was not liquefied. The truffle greatly enhanced the taste of the eggs but not overpowering them and the caviar. I have a feeling that I won’t be able to have this stellar dish anywhere else again, but at L’Europe.

Foie Gras Sauté [Raisins, nut crumbles, orange jelly] – A big, fat foie gras cooked to perfection was the centre of this masterpiece. Each dish at L’Europe was an art, where every single morsel of element seemed to have been preplanned, and not an afterthought. I especially loved how the foam lifted this heavy dish with its texture. The flavours accompanying the foie gras mainly came from the surrounding ingredients, thus retaining the full, glorious flavours of the foie gras itself.

Palette Cleanser of Lemon Lime Sobert – again, the best we’ve had, it was icy, well-balanced and the lemon and lime peels were the extra touch that went a long way.

Dover Sole [Pickled vegetables & orange butter sauce perfumed w fennel] – The fish was a little too firm for my liking but the flavours were wonderful! This dish evoked colours and flavours of summer, which was very compelling and uplifting.

Snickoloff [Textures of nougat, caramel, chocolate & peanut ice cream] – The peanut ice cream was to-die-for; so much so that I could have just been served with that one scoop of ice cream and I’d be happy for the rest of the night. Fantastic play of textures here and I actually found the nougat acceptable (nougat-hater here). Too bad, by desserts time, we were too full to stomach the entire plate.

Petit Fours – served very elegantly (but chocolate overload I must say).

L’Europe Restaurant is one that I’d highly recommend, largely due to the historical value placed in the restaurant and for the extremely fine dishes I’ve been served. The memorable night continued with song dedications, while all I did was to soak up the atmosphere, never wanting to forget the entire dining experience here.

L’Europe Restaurant
Mihaylovskaya St, House 1/7
Grand Hotel Europe
St.Petersburg, Russia


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  1. This place looks magnificent (reminds me of Downton Abbey) and surely would be a very memorable experience as you described! What was the demographic like at the restaurant?

    1. foodiepink says:

      LOL that’s a question I would never have expected but it was mostly groups of old Caucasians! I think I was the youngest in the restaurant. 😛

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