Addictions Café & Remedy Bar @ Marina Square

I’m back with another entry on Marina Square’s Dining Edition! Addictions Café has always been one of those cafés that I’ve been wanting to visit but either they’re out of the way or my list of ‘to-trys’ is getting way too long to clear, or both. A second outlet and an addition to the one at 22 Dempsey, Addictions Café is actually under the same group behind Carnivore. In fact, right opposite Addictions Café at Marina Square is its sister store (Carnivore), and service staff roam between the 2 restaurant/café should one be busier than the other.

My friend and I both loved the hues used in the design of the open-space café.

White wooden planks lined the walls, engravings of the restaurant logo included. Also, I was pretty impressed by those tongue-in-cheek taglines that were framed and hung in a mismatched fashion. A café brimming with attitude, no?

More amusing finds if you flip your wooden menu!

Drinks lists.

Plain water – in pink (which I absolutely went gaga over; I’m Foodiepink for a reason).

Lobster Bisque w Crabmeat, served w Gruyere Cheese Toast ($10) – Not bad for a $10 lobster bisque as the soup was very flavourful! However, as you take more and more spoonfuls of the soup, you start to realise that it is in fact rather salty. The toast on the side went really well with the soup as the bread was light and airy, which quickly absorbed the soup. If the chef cut back on the salt, I’d definitely order this again.

Potato Pancake topped w Earl-Grey Cured Salmon, Avocado Cream Cheese and Pickled Onion ($15)  – Earl-grey tea leaves are becoming popular as a flavour incorporated into savoury dishes – well, with a good reason. Unlike smoked salmon, Addiction’s version of earl-grey cured salmon was not salty at all and had a fresh, tender taste to it. Accompanying it was a fabulous potato pancake which I’d imagine to be a mixture of pancake batter and mashed potato –  a great rendition of the old, boring pancakes that are so passé now. The pancake was cooked just right where the outer casing was a little crisp and breaks into a soft, warm and mushy interior. Most importantly, the avocado cream cheese fused the flavors of the salmon and pancake together perfectly. I must say that avocado never tasted this good. A must-order at Addictions Café!

Papardelle w Fresh Squid, Prawn & Chargrilled Eggplant in Tomato Basil Sauce ($23) – This was a miss. The amount of squid rings given was negligible and overall, I felt that this was something I could easily replicate from my own kitchen. I guess their Earl-Gry Eggs Benedict would have been a better choice.

There sure were hits and misses at Addictions Café but I would go back again just for their Potato Pancake. If you’re a fan of all-day breakfast, this will be a good option at Marina Square and for pancake-lovers, Addictions Café gonna make you love them even more!


Addictions Café & Remedy Bar
#02-105A, Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel: 63389969


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