Happiness (CyACTbE) Café @ St. Petersburg [Russia Trip]

Russia has such a strong café culture that is not widely-known of, sadlya. Walking down the Nevsky Prospect (the main shopping street akin to Singapore’s Orchard Road), you’ll find many pretty cafés that you’d never have dreamed of, many of which operate round the clock. Today, I’ll be introducing the CyACTbE Café, which translates to Happiness Café – very aptly named, which you’ll soon find out. Its al-fresco seating was surrounded by white potted flowers on wooden racks painted Tiffany Blue and White. I especially loved how filament bulbs lined the huge window frames, with many more hanging overhead behind. Every corner of the café was picture-perfect, which explains why I have more photos of the café than its food in this post.
p.s.: prices are based on estimated exchange rate of S$1 = 25 Roubles.

Entrance into the café – such a happy sight.

A perfect frame.

Happy Phone 🙂

Rolls of ribbons cascading down the wall!

See how even the bulbs have wings to fit the Angel theme?

Ice Cream Bar!

Macaron Bar!

Cake Bar!

Caramel w Salt Ice Cream (80rb/$3.20) – It had a strong toffee taste and the taste of salt was very distinct – not exactly my preference.
Chocolate Ice Cream (80rb/$3.20) – The favourite out of the lot! The chocolate was dark and intense and smooth. Delish!
Orange-Passion Fruit Sobert (80rb/$3.20) – An interesting and refreshing combination that was light, with a slight tang. I like to have my sobert really icy and this texture was achieved here.

Rum Baba w Mascarpone & Berries (230rb/$9.20) – We ordered this cake as Rum Baba sounded really cute but it turned out to be a wrong choice – too sweet to even have a second bite.

Macarons [Chocolate, Caramel, Pistachio, Banana &  Avocado, Lime & Tarragon] (250rb/$10) – Macarons in Russia are really cheap so have as many of them as possible! Though they were not as tasty as those from Ladurée or Pierre Hermé, they sure are more than decent!

Happiness Café has many outlets littered in both St. Petersburg and Moscow so don’t forget to pop by and have some desserts and drinks and be in awe of the decor! Don’t be surprised if you find the café full at midnight as Russians do make the most out of their nights, in summer of course!


Happiness (CyACTbE) Café
Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg


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