Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant @ Anchorpoint

Gyu-Kaku was one of the first few Yakiniku/Japanese BBQ restaurants brought into Singapore (it turns 8 this year) and has more than a dozen franchises all over the world. I was at the outlet at Anchorpoint for lunch and found that they had really good lunch set deals! Separated from the main shopping mall, Gyu-Kaku occupies a stand-alone colonial house, which used to be a brewery.

Cosy setting with private booths by the windows where I was seated at.

Each lunch set came with a salad, pickles and soup.

Sliced Wagyu Beef Set w Rice ($28) – The Wagyu beef comes raw and you can grill your own lunch with hot charcoal sizzling under. I love how the grill leaves criss-cross marks on the meat – just like how good steaks look like. The beef had been very thinly sliced, hence taking minimal time to cook and was easy on the teeth. Granted, the Wagyu beef may not be of the best quality, the number of slices per portion and the price point more than compensated for anything else. Definitely the most valuable Wagyu beef set!

Wagyu Collagen Don w Rice ($17) – If you like to have your rice with lots of gravy, this makes the mark. I had no idea where the collagen came from but it was a nice, gooey mess with a half-boiled egg buried between the meat. A very hearty portion that is sure to fuel you for the rest of the day at work.

Premium Green Tea Ice Cream included in all set lunches. Great, great deal!

It was a very satisfying meal at Gyu-Kaku during lunch hour as it wasn’t as crowded as anywhere else in the area and I would say that the lunch sets here are highly value-for-money, with attentive service staff. Their ala-carte menu offers a wide range of dishes/ingredients too, if you’re looking for non-beef items. Good for you if you’re working in the area!


Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant
368 Alexandra Road (Anchorpoint)
Tel: 64794001


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  1. I love their Sliced Wagyu Beef… Great photos…

    1. foodiepink says:

      Thank you very much for your support 😀

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